🎥 Under the covers [Moxie Books]

If you’re writing and self-publishing a book, for the love of avocados, get a printed proof copy! And once you’ve got a proof copy, go through it with a fine-tooth comb and make sure it’s exactly as you want it to be. (Fun fact: until a few years ago, I thought a fine tooth-comb was a [...]

🎥 Tour de Rescue [Moxie Books]

Write it and they will come! No, they won’t. Once you’ve written your book, you must use your book – and my friend and Moxie Author Dom Hodgson has come up with a fantastic way to use his book. Not just to grow his business, but to help doggos all over the UK. Watch this [...]

How to beat “writer’s block”

Don’t fear the Blank Page Of Doom — choose your weapons and wrestle it into compliance The Blank Page Of Doom looms in front of you, the cursor blinking menacingly. The longer you stare at it, the less it seems like a simple blank page. It’s morphed into a swirly black-red monster with horns and [...]

🎥 Milking your book [Moxie Books]

An exciting package landed on my doorstep the other day: a book! Carol Clark, the Doggy Doctor, took my Published In 90 Days course and wrote her book. Hurrah! This is a brilliant achievement, and she’s not stopped there. Watch this video to find out: How Carol has made sure her book cover stands out [...]

“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” If you’ve seen the classic movie The Princess Bride, you’ll be familiar with the quote at the top of this article. But you may not have considered it as the perfect introduction when meeting new people. It’s polite. It gives your name. It [...]

You are not Mystic Meg

One of my greatest, most proficient talents is mind-reading and fortune-telling. Yep: I’m the indie-biz-publishing answer to Mystic Meg*. I am absolutely spectacular at knowing exactly what someone is thinking about me at any given time. It’s like I can hear the thoughts whizzing around their heads: “Ooh, look at her. What an idiot. I [...]

🎥 You’re not boring [Moxie Books]

Think nobody will want to read a book you’ve written? Think again! This week, I answer this question: “I am a mortgage broker and life/health insurance specialist. How and why would I write a book about that and who would buy it?” Short answer: you don’t write a book about that. Instead, you write a [...]

How’s your Inner D*ckhead today?

“You are such an IDIOT! You’re crap! I don’t know why you bother.” Not you. Me. Or, at least, that’s what my Inner Dickhead would have me believe. Honestly, if you could hear the stuff I say to myself in my head, you’d be horrified. I’m horrified. Every now and then, Joe pulls me up [...]

No such thing as “writer’s block”

It’s time for Truthy Thursday (yes it’s a thing). Today’s truth: there is no such thing as writer’s block, so you just need to get on with it. Okay, that’s a little harsh – it’s much easier said than done to “just get on with it”. So today’s truth is accompanied by a top tip [...]

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