Who gives a crap?

Toilet roll? You can’t make toilet roll interesting. It’s either that awful shiny stuff you had at school that – well, let’s just say it doesn’t get the job done, or it’s super-fluffy-padded-puppy toilet paper that strokes your bottom.   You march around the supermarket in a state of mild rage (because that’s the state everyone does their [...]

Confidence-boosting secret inside

What would you do if I asked you why you should win an award? If you’re like most people, you’d be totally tongue-tied, gasping for words and freezing in a panic.  So today, I’d like you to do a little exercise. One of my friends is up for an award in her industry. This is [...]

How to get what you want

“Vicky is simply brilliant!” *huffs on fingernails and polishes on lapels*  There’s a guy called Mark Kaye, who’s kind of a big deal when it comes to teaching people about how to put on a show. I’m all about putting on a show (and I’ve learned a lot from him). So I wanted him to [...]

Learning a new dance routine is tough. It’s not just about learning the moves. The moves are a pattern, and when you really listen to the music your body fits it all together.  No, the real work in learning a new routine is in the details. Pointed toes. Straight knees. Making sure you’re not gurning like Monty Python’s [...]

Do you know what makes you attractive?

“But I can’t do sexy,” I protested. “I can only do clown!” I grinned hugely to hide my dismay and my fear of being judged and my deep-seated belief that what I’d just said was true.  “I don’t have long swishy hair and come-to-bed eyes, I have feathers and faceplanting.” But Annie wasn’t having any [...]

Curl up with a good book…

I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up of winter now. Enough is enough. Despite the fact that it was well into the teenage temperatures last week, it’s now snowing at Casa Dingle. We are not amused.   On Friday, I saw a butterfly and a bumble bee and got all excited about spring having truly [...]

Have you ever wondered who writes all that smutty stuff to sell vibrators, ball gags, and other such naughty devices? Well, this week I’m drawing back the silk teddy, removing the gimp mask, and introducing you to one of those smutty copywriters. On this week’s Business For Superheroes Show, I’m talking to my very special friend, [...]

Why are you losing those sales?

Do you ever wonder why some people buy from you, and others don’t? Why that “sure sale” slips through your fingers?  There could be a whole big pile of reasons, but the one I’d like you to think about today is this: you’re just not being confident enough. The odd business owner is way too [...]

How to kill a sale FAST

“Um… would £200 be okay?” she said, blushing bright red and avoiding eye-contact. Doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence as a buyer, does it?  Why so worried? Doesn’t she believe she’ll do a good job? Hmmm… maybe it’ll be better to find someone else. And BANG! You’ve just lost a sale. Okay, you have to [...]

Wake up and live!

Don’t ever tell me you “can’t”. Or that it’s “too difficult”. Because this morning, Stephen Hawking died aged 76 years.  More than 50 years longer than anyone thought he’d live. Hawking had motor neurone disease. It put him a wheelchair and took his natural voice… but it never silenced him and it never stopped him. [...]

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