My butt is purely decorative

Becoming good at anything is basically about building habits. The habit of practising, of building a skill or muscle or flexibility or the belief you can do whatever it is you want to do. For about 7,826 years now, I’ve been working on my flexibility so I can do the splits and better backbends. I [...]

Why I went to the beach instead of writing

It’s Wednesday, which means I answer your questions about writing, publishing, and anything else you care to ask. Charles asked me about my own experiences of having written and published books. What went wrong? What went right? What was unexpected? What would you now do differently? All good questions, and I answered them in this [...]

“That’s just the way it is”

How many times have you heard someone say, “That’s just the way it is?” Or “That’s just how he/she is, people don’t change.” Makes me gnash my gnashers. If a process or system is ridiculous or ineffective or just plain shit, don’t accept “that’s just the way it is”. Change it. If you’d like to [...]

Struggling to write the blurb for the back cover of your book? I hear ya. It’s tough. You have 200 words, ish, to convince to a total stranger your book is worth buying and reading. So how do you do it? Start by watching these 4 Top Tips, from someone who struggles with this for a [...]

Ugh, banks, right? They’re not just bureaucratic monsters out to bleed you dry and line some old dude’s pockets. They’re also DULL. Boring. Except… there’s a new breed of financial institution in town, and they’re shaking things up. I applied for some funding to build my new office, and when the card arrived, it made [...]

Are you a tree? 🌳

You’re not a tree. Are you? Which means, if you don’t like your situation, change it. You’re not rooted to the spot, stuck – even if it seems like you are. Talking to someone I love very much a while ago, I realised how entrenched we get in the hamster wheels of our lives, and [...]

🎥 What goes on the back? [Moxie Books]

Writing a book? Wondering what goes on the back? Does it even matter? HELL YES. The blurb on the back is one of the most important bits, because if it doesn’t do its job, nobody will pick up your book and buy it and read it. Watch this video to find out everything you need to [...]

Self-publishing means an up-front investment… but the rewards it can bring are vast If images of enormous cheques are waltzing before your eyes, courtesy of a big, famous publishing house, I’m afraid this article may be like a bucket of cold water in your face. Writers like J.K. Rowling, Tony Robbins, and Stephen King get [...]

The Ouroboros cycle

It could be Facebook, a computer game, or cleaning the bathroom: they all induce intense anxiety. My Superhero John H made an insightful observation the other day, and it made a lightbulb go off in my mind. Procrastination feeds anxiety, which feeds procrastination, which feeds anxiety, which… well, you get the idea. I kinda knew [...]

Ugh, is there anything worse than having to write your about page? For your book or your website? (Obviously lots of things are worse than this, but be a doll and stick with me and my hyperbole.) Natasja was struggling with hers, so I made a short video. Here it is. In it, Joe tells [...]

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