Buzzword bingo: storytelling

Want to hear a tale of mirth about the actor Nicolas Cage misbehaving at the Monaco Grand Prix? We all love a story. Especially marketing bods and business gurus. Storytelling has become quite the buzzword… But I don’t want you to get sucked into the latest buzzword without knowing how to use it to lever [...]

Reducing friction to increase pleasure

“I’m going to do this thing I need to do… but first I’m just going to tile the bathroom, do the laundry, trim my toenails, tidy my desk, make a cup of tea, and answer this email.” The struggle is real, my friend. This is how my days go if I’m not extremely careful… Over [...]

Stopping just short of creepy…

How well do you know your ideal customer or client? Could you strike up a conversation comfortably, aware of what they care about, what they love and hate, who they are, and what they’re trying to do?  Could you talk to them about their hobbies, interests, values? Could you make them think you’ve been listening [...]

Words change worlds

Katie asked me what drives me to do what I do. I answered her in this very short video. Amidst a little rambling, I explain what it is about books that gets me excited. If you’re wondering why you’d bother writing a book for your business, this is one of the reasons. Ready to write your [...]

The optimism bias— what it is, and how to beat it so you can finish your book “It’ll take me a week, max, to do the final edit on my book,” I declared. Oh, how I’m laughing, hollowly and bitterly, as I toil into my third week. As usual, I’d underestimated how long the final editing process [...]

There’s a move I’ve been trying to nail on the trapeze for, oooh… around five years now. It’s a scary one, because you have to swing upside down from your knees, then just let go and jump off.  Turns out, all I needed was my trapeze coach’s telekinetic powers (and a little determination, some self [...]

Sometimes you gotta be the hare

Last week I said I stand against low-quality books scribbled in a weekend and flung out to tick a marketing box. It’s true: I do stand against that. But that doesn’t mean I think writers should only write slowly (as I’ve seen some people advise). It does not mean I think fast writing is bad [...]

If you’ve ever seen the news about authors like J K Rowling getting £34 million royalty cheques from their publishers, you may be wondering if that could happen for you. Should you try to get traditionally published? Or should you go the self-publishing route? It’s a good question… and Joe and I answer it in this [...]

How To Write In Pictures

Flamingo your writing by making me feel, see, smell, taste, and touch… Silence. Sudden silence. The kind of velvet silence that soaks up every whisper. The only sound in your head is the bass-beat of your panicked heart… and all eyes are on you. What’s the worst thing that can happen during your competition pole [...]

Don’t take your eye off the ball

Talking to one of my Superheroes, John, the other day and he reminded me of something crucial. He told us a tale of walking in the wilderness, and how he’d been extremely careful in planning a mountainous, more risky route. You do not want to get lost in the mountains because the weather can change [...]

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