You are not Mystic Meg

One of my greatest, most proficient talents is mind-reading and fortune-telling.

Yep: I’m the indie-biz-publishing answer to Mystic Meg*.

Stop beating yourself up and pre-register for my book instead!

I am absolutely spectacular at knowing exactly what someone is thinking about me at any given time. It’s like I can hear the thoughts whizzing around their heads: “Ooh, look at her. What an idiot. I don’t like her. She’s no good.”

And I can foretell exactly how our relationship will go in the future, which means I’m pretty good at sabotaging it.

Except… I cannot do any of those things.

My ridiculous brain, though, begs to differ. If a thought pops into my head that someone doesn’t like me, it’s almost impossible to dislodge it. I can waste hours going round and round, before remembering two things:

  1. Most people aren’t thinking about me at all, they’re too busy with their own ridiculous brain tornados.
  2. What other people think about me is none of my business. And utterly out of my control.

Today’s Sunday Service is a little reminder that none of us really has it all together. None of us has effortless confidence and unwavering faith in ourselves.

We all have our internal turmoils and unhelpful Inner Dickheads whispering poison into our ears. The trick is to acknowledge what’s going on inside your skull – then remember what’s true and what matters.

Writing it down helps put the crazy into perspective and gives you more control over your tumbling thoughts.

Just remember: the struggle is real, and we all feel it.

This problem is so real, and it can be so crippling, I’ve devoted two chapters of my new book How The Hell Do You Write A Book? to this topic.

The book’s going off to print in September, and I’ll be making it available for pre-order next week – if you want to be the first to know when you can bagsie a copy, hop on over here.

In the meantime, stop beating yourself up.

About the Author

Vicky Fraser

Please do share any articles from this site in part or in full — as long as you leave all links intact, give credit to the author, and include a link to this website and the following bio. Vicky is a gin-quaffing, pole-dancing, trapeze-swinging copywriter who writes about the perils and joys of writing, velociraptor training, and running a small business. She writes this stuff on her websites and She’s the author of one book (with two more in utero) and teaches small business owners how to write copy that sells, and how to be more fecking interesting. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

*Note for non-UK or younger folks: Mystic Meg is an astrologer with fortune-telling columns in various daily newspapers, who enjoyed a run of fame in the late 8os and early 90s. Her name spawned a whole load of hil-AIR-ious jokes and parody names, like Cystic Peg


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