🐧 Pingu is all of us

I have never felt more understood by a cartoon penguin.

Honestly, Pingu is one of the great philosophers of our times.

Watch this little video and tell I’m wrong.

I don’t believe there’s a business owner anywhere who can’t relate to Pingu’s kettle-phone meltdown, amiright?

The Sunday Service is all about habits. Building good habits so you can write more good words and do more good work, and enjoy what you do.

Last Thursday, I wrote about making yourself your own best client – which you must do or you will always struggle to reach your potential.

This Sunday, I want to help you break your distraction habit. Here’s a simple plan:

  • Put your phone on permanent “do not disturb” and set it so only family who would call you in an emergency can get hold of you. (Easy to do on iPhone, and presumably on other phones.)
  • Keep your phone in a different room.
  • Install Freedom app (or similar) on your computer to restrict access to social media sites you have trouble with. (Better still, remove social media from your phone altogether. I did it with Facebook and my anxiety levels have dropped and I do not miss it.)
  • Turn off mail and other notifications on your computer. As soon as you know you have email, it’s almost impossible to resist email.
  • Tell your family and friends when they can call you: anytime after 5 pm for me, except in genuine emergencies.
  • Tell your clients when you check your emails and voicemail: twice a day for me, lunchtime and 4 pm. Unless you’re an emergency service, nothing is so urgent it has to be dealt with now. You’ll be amazed at people’s capacity to suddenly solve their own problems when you stop solving them for them immediately.
  • Advertise “office hours” for your clients: they can book a call with you at specific times on specific days if they need to. Otherwise, you’re busy doing the stuff they want you to do.

Your initial reaction might be: “I can’t do that, Vicky. My business is different.”

My reaction to your reaction is to smile and say, “Okay.” Because it’s your business, and you can set the rules.

Or, you can let distractions rule your life. It really is up to you – which is the beauty and the tragedy of running your own business.

I started these rules for my business when I wrote my first book and they were so successful, it stuck.

Even if you’re sceptical, promise me you’ll try it. Let me know how it goes.

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