1.1 X your business LOL

“But it wouldn’t be an extra zero. It’d be an extra… I don’t know. Wine.” Said I.

“What? What are you talking about?” asked my long-suffering husband. 

1.1X your business!

“10 X-ing businesses. We’re having a maths fail.”

“It’d be 1.1 X-ing the business,” snorted Dom, who promptly rolled around laughing.

“1.1 X! Yeah! Screw those 10 X crushers and grinders!”

The evening went downhill from there really.

And the idea of 1.1 X stuck in my head.

Not 1.1 X overall, because that’s a sad little goal.

More like… 1.1 X a week. Or a month.

Small, steady progress that adds up to great big progress.

I don’t know about you, but when someone screams “10 X your business in a month!” at my face I hide, then I don’t believe them. Because that means taking a £100,000 business to a £1 million business.

In a week.

Oh, I’m not saying it doesn’t happen and can’t happen. It does and it can.

For most of us, though, that’s not realistic nor is it sustainable – for a business to grow that much in a short time, a whole bucket of other complicated and terrifying stuff has to happen fast too.

But growing 1.1 X each week or each month is very doable and sustainable – and in just 7 weeks (or months) you’ll have doubled your turnover (and hopefully many-X’d your profits).

Fancy a bit of that?

Tiny beetle steps, all achievable and sustainable, with a stretch goal at the end?

I can’t promise you a big ol’ pile of cash like Scrooge McDuck, but I can promise if you do the things you need to do, every day, consistently, you will see progress. Results. Increased profits and less grinding.

It’s what I show you in my daily emails.

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