Arrange your face into a pleasant expression…

Hot and cold and prickly with sweat.

With a tomato-face. 

What would you like to ask for? What’s stopping you?


That’s how I feel when I shove myself out of my comfort zone and ask somebody for something that feels outrageous.

But a chance conversation with my friend Jo a few weeks ago spurred me on to decide this year, I was going to start asking for things. So I could get used to “rejection”.

After all, that’s what we’re all afraid of, isn’t it? It’s not the “no”. “No” is just a word.

It’s the meaning behind the word… it’s the rejection we fear.

Because every time someone tells you “no”, it feels like a small rejection and that is painful.

That old chestnut, though, “if you don’t ask you don’t get” is true — there really is no harm in asking, as long as you ask politely and respectfully and with a smile on your face. Or at least as pleasant an expression as you can arrange your face into.

So, yesterday, at Heathrow Airport Terminal 2, I asked for something.

I’ve never ever flown First Class and I would so love to. I’d be unbearably excited and unsophisticated about it, too.

When I checked my bag in, I smiled at the lady behind the desk, explained that I was asking for things, and asked if there were any upgrades.

She grinned at me and said she’d check.

The suspense is killing you, right?!

Everything was full, so I didn’t get my upgrade.

But here’s what I did get: a funny feeling in my chest that welled up and threatened to spill out of my eyeballs because I was really damn proud of myself. I know, I know, it’s such a tiny thing to do. You might be staring at the screen, baffled, thinking, “So what? Get a grip woman.”

But my hilairious social awkwardness means this was a big deal for me.

And now, next time I’d like something, asking for it will be a teeny bit easier. (Next time will be at the airport in Toronto in a few days.) Who knows, I might get what I ask for next time.

If I don’t? Then I’ve earned a little more courage and pride and the right to ask again for something else.

What would you like to ask for? What’s stopping you?

What would happen if they said yes?

This is what I’m all about. Not just writing, and sales, and marketing. But finding my own courage, and helping my Superheroes and my clients to find theirs along the way. Having experiences that’ll rock my world, and encouraging you to do the same.

And showing you how you could make it happen.

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