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Soap. It gets you clean and squirts amusingly out of your wet hands in the shower.

Usually smells like summer dreams, might look like a hipster’s delight… unless you’re still living in the 1980s and using that radioactive green carbolic soap that strips your skin off your bones. 

What are you doing differently?
Why should I choose you, instead of someone else?

But it’s soap, right?

Unless you’re super into soaps and candles and the like, you just grab a (non-animal tested) bar from the shop and away you go.

Ready to clean your filthy self.

Just another commodity.


I thought so, until I stumbled across the Whiskey River Soap Co. then cried because it’s based in bloody America, land of the Orange Toddler.

They do funny soap.

Soap for Awkward Moments: Smells like your entire life. Increases instances of missed high-fives & blind dates with your dad.

Soap for a Midlife Crisis: Smells like a motorcycle. Or a perm. or a food truck.

Soap for Cat People. Smells like purring. And a fresh hairball under your bare foot.

Soap for Grammar Police. Smells like your annoying. Ahahaha. It’s so easy to get under your skin.

(I think they missed several tricks with the grammar police one, mind)

My point? They could just sell the same old soap everyone else sells. Give it a pretentious name, make it look and smell pretty, add an extra £5 onto the price, and hope for the best.

Or, do something different.

Is it faddy?


Will the company last?

Depends if they keep working at it, or coast along on this little viral sensation they’ve created.

But they’ve got the first part right: do something different.

What are you doing differently?

Why should I choose you, instead of someone else?

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