Embrace your weirdness: make more money

The struggle is real, buttercup. A burning desire to stand out and be different, to achieve something special… balanced by the soul-sucking instinct to fit in.  Struggling to not to get pulled into the same black hole of beige (beige hole?) as everyone else… but terrified of drifting off alone. Every fibre in your body screaming at [...]

Psst. Wanna know how to it’s possible to make a grand a month with Kindle? Then you need this week’s podcast, in which I replace Joe with a horribly jetlagged Posh Punk called Julian Northbrook (aka Blossom). I was in Cork (not court) without Joe, and heard all about Julian’s shenanigans using Kindle and YouTube. [...]

This week, I find a nugget of gold buried in Harriet’s homepage… In a world where everyone is shouting the same thing, you need to find something that will help you stand out – for all the right reasons. Then you need to put it loud and proud on your website. Watch the video below [...]

The Walking Dead homepage headline

When Rick Grimes wakes up in hospital after just a few days in a coma, the world has already ended. The virus had spread and most of humanity were now the walking dead.  It happened fast. Like the zombie virus in The Walking Dead, your homepage headline needs to be contagious. It needs to suck your [...]

Loud squawking. Very, very loud squawking.  Followed by flapping and having a chicken land in your sammiches. The thing about chickens is, they don’t beat around the bush. They don’t stand quietly, bockling a little bit, shifting their feet, and mumbling amongst themselves about what it is they want. Chickens pile in and tell you. In [...]

The house creaked. Or was it my back? Probably my back.  I’d been sitting there for quite some time, and I think actually I was turning into one of those Easter Island heads – only in a sad modern hunched-over-at-my-desk way. I stretched. Creaked again. And got the shock of my life when I looked [...]

Backing away in panic, I tried to run… But my friend Jodie stopped me. “You can’t go. Look at all this treasure!” We were in the Church of Infinite Junk, an “antique” shop in Builth Wells. It was, indeed, filled with riches – in fact, I keep all my treasured letters in a beautiful old [...]

Why your homepage is killing your sales

Dammit where is that eggtimer? I know I’ve seen it somewhere.  In the kitchen. I last saw it in the kitchen. Oh, no… I think it might have been in… *cue B-movie dramatic horror music, thunder, and dimming of the lights* The Kitchen Drawer of Doom That place where everything from pliers to birthday candles [...]

Do you have website laryngitis?

Silently screaming, drenched with sweat, filled with horror… What a nightmare. Literally.   In the dream, my husband Joe was being attacked by some giant toothpaste monster — but nobody could hear my screams. I was yelling for someone — anyone — to come, but to no avail. Oh, I was putting in the effort: mouth agape, giant [...]

“It’s obscene to spend that much money on a meal in a restaurant!” Exsqueeze me? Baking powder?  Did you just diss me for choosing to spend my hard-earned moolah in a posh restaurant? In Reykjavík a few years back, I took Joe to the fanciest restaurant in town. It was his 40th birthday and our [...]

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