Scratching like a tomcat [Moxie Monday!]

The sun is blazing. It’s Easter Monday. So today’s choon will flood your eardrums with musical sunshine… Hopefully you’re having a day off, enjoying the gorgeous weather we’re having, bouncing around your garden. If you don’t get this until tomorrow, bravo! Start your four-day week with this banging tune instead. Happy it’s-okay-to-eat-chocolate-for-breakfast day! About the Author Vicky [...]

What do you get to do today?

“Ugh, I have to write my daily email now.” How many times have you said something like that to yourself?   “I have to drop my husband off at the train station.” “I have to do this piece of work for a client.” “I have to visit my uncle.” With the implication you’d rather be doing [...]

Three really cool interviews [re-podcast]

There is no new podcast this week. I know, I feel terrible. This week got away from us, and somehow we missed the window. For only the second time ever since we started this show. But, I’d like to point you towards three of the best interviews I’ve done over the years: How to enjoy your business [...]

Heard a fascinating podcast about the history of colour. Bought the book the podcast guest wrote. Was blown away by how beautiful it is! Book design isn’t just about the cover, you know. What are you writing about? How can you make the insides of your book as beautiful as the outsides? Watch this video to get [...]

Why you procrastinate…

I see you there, alphabetising your kitchen cupboards. Tiling the bathroom. Sorting your inbox. What are you supposed to be doing right now?  And what makes you procrastinate, even though you know it’s bad for you? I say “you”, but I mean “we”. Most people procrastinate from time to time; some more than others. I [...]

You’re not expert enough

Charles emailed me to tell me he wanted to write a book, but he didn’t think he was expert enough. How about you? Do you believe you don’t know enough to write a book about what you do? That may be true. But I suspect it’s not. Watch this: In this video, you’ll discover: A [...]

17 questions to ask your beta readers

I write about writing books a lot. After all, books and self-publishing for business owners is what I do. But don’t make the mistake of thinking if you’re not writing a book, my articles and emails can’t help you. Take today’s article, for instance–17 Questions To Ask Your Beta Readers–it’s not just for budding authors. [...]

This morning, I’m feeling mellow yet ready to rock around my office – so here’s the perfect tune: This is one of the sounds of my childhood – my dad is a huge Grand Prix fan, so this tune was a regular feature in our home. And it was a regular feature on long car [...]

Toxic exclamation points

I would like you to step away from social media for a day. Just one day. There are many good reasons to do so, but today I want to remind you it’s okay to not feel okay – something social media would like you to forget. Social media would have us believe life is all [...]

I made a new friend! In this episode, I sideline Joe in favour of expert brain-burrower Hannah Shamji.  Hannah is a copywriterslashcounsellor who teaches business owners how to interview their clients. Why is this important? Tune in and find out! You’ll also discover what not to ask, how to ask tough questions without pissing people [...]

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