Start your Monday with a whomper of a choon! If you’re not pogo-ing around your office right now, honestly, you need to take a good long look at your morning. This song is part of the soundtrack of my childhood: long car journeys for summer camping trips, with all of us singing along as loudly [...]

Joe and I drink herbal tea flavoured with steeped socks and swerve wildly away from the topic we’d planned to talk about. Instead, we clamber gracelessly out of the boozy wardrobe and go on a verbal safari about The Alcohol Experiment, journaling, habits, and failing to do the splits.  This episode is not powered by [...]

My mate got an email and shared it on Facebook with the caption “I cannot think of anything more dull than a fucking garden waste newsletter. But thanks for thinking of me.” Yep. With her on that. Which is a shame, because it wouldn’t take much effort to turn a snoozeworthy email nobody wants into [...]

There’s this guy. I have kind of a crush on him. It’s like he can burrow right inside my head, John Malkovich-style, and see what I’m thinking – then press all the right buttons. He makes me feel special. Important. And understood. His mission in life is to help me feel good. AND IT’S NOT MY HUSBAND. [...]

Behold the Grammasaurus Rex

When I finished the first draft of my new book manuscript (all about how to write a book), I gave it to Joe and ran away. Someone has to look at it to make sure it makes sense. I wasn’t after out-of-control spelling, grammar, and typos at this stage. Joe’s job was to make sure [...]

How long should it be?

“How long should it be?” I get asked that question a lot, especially by aspiring authors. But also by business owners who are writing articles, blog posts, sales letters, landing pages, or all manner of other things. So I answered it in this article that’ll take you 6 minutes to read. Think you might want to write, [...]

Everywhere you go… [Moxie Monday]

Did you make mix-tapes as a teenager? (If you don’t know what a mix-tape is, you’re obviously a yoof and you’re missing out. Spotify is great, but playlists can’t compare to a cassette tape lovingly put together by your friend or boyfriend, complete with notes, drawings, squiggles, and other ephemera.) Crowded House featured regularly on [...]

Close some brain tabs [Sunday Service]

Are you a messy browser or a well-kept wanderer of the internet? I confess: I have eight tabs open right now and that’s a a tidy day. I’ve been known to browse with 20+ tabs open. But it’s not only internet browsing that has many tabs. My brain does too. It looks like of like [...]

Have I got something special for you this week… Because last week, I got to sit down with the UK’s answer to Don Draper – direct marketing expert Drayton Bird, described by David Ogilvy as the man who “knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world”.  And described by Vicky as “cheeky bugger [...]

“I can’t write a book about my business! There’s nothing to write about!” It’s a common excuse whenever I suggest to someone that they write their own book – especially when it’s a retail-type business or a product business rather than a service provider. And I get it: at first glance, what on earth would [...]

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