After my potato-based blog post the other day, my assistant Harriet emailed me to say: “I hope the follow-up is going to feature vodka!” Well, if you were hoping the same thing, you won’t be disappointed. This blog post does indeed feature vodka.  Because William Chase, having built up Tyrrell’s into a mega-successful posh-crisp business, decided to [...]

How a volcano jump-started a £40m business

In 1992, William Chase had hit rock bottom. It was the year after Mount Pinatubo erupted and the fallout meant much of the world had no real summer to speak of… and the UK had some of worst rainfall on record. Chase could only watch in horror as his potato crops rotted in the ground. [...]

Rob Lowe is a very wise man. Yes, I’m talking about that Rob Lowe: the actor from The West Wing, Wayne’s World, St Elmo’s Fire, and other classics.   Why do I think he’s a very wise man? Because he said: Never compare your insides to somebody else’s outsides. He did. And it’s a good [...]

See that invisible red cup just over there? On your right? No? Prove it doesn’t exist. Or that there isn’t a small, purple unicorn living in my sock drawer. Today, I’m off on one about the burden of proof. This is relevant to running a business, because there are all manner of people out there [...]

If Carlsberg did posters…

Is it stormy where you are? Be careful out there – I was lulled to sleep last night by the sound of the wind and rain battering the windows (which I love). It’s still pretty swirly this morning, too. Noodle is most disapproving of the whole situation. Anyway – that’s not really what I wanted [...]

Like you (I suspect) we have window cleaners. They come around every couple of weeks and do a pretty good job of making our windows see-through again. Or at least, they highlight to me how dirty the insides are… Which is nice. But they do a good job. They’re friendly, they’re fast, and they don’t [...]

First advice is always KISS

I got loads of replies to my questions yesterday, thank you if you sent one in! John emailed me his answer, and I thought you might find it useful: “So you asked what my biggest business goal is for the next few months…. “Backstory: I had an epiphany on Friday with the help of a [...]

Why it’s okay to be a tortoise

It’s Jackanory! A Hare was making fun of the Tortoise one day for being so slow. “Do you ever get anywhere?” he asked with a mocking laugh. “Yes,” replied the Tortoise, “and I get there sooner than you think. I’ll run you a race and prove it.” The Hare was much amused at the idea [...]

What’s your biggest regret?

Just a quickie this morning (oo-er). Having failed to get out for a run on a gorgeous sunny morning the other weekend, I was sitting in bed with a cup of tea scrolling through Facebook and found this video. It brought a tear to my eye. So I thought I’d ask you: what’s your biggest regret? Do you [...]

Feeling Mondayish? Nowt to say? Me too.

Bloody hell. I’ve been up for ages, pondering about what to write about. And do you know what I’ve come up with?    Diddly-squat. Happens sometimes, you know. I couldn’t think of a bloody thing to write about. Which is a topic in itself, I guess. It’s not “writer’s block” (I don’t believe that exists). [...]

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