Why opinions are bad for business

This morning, I burst into tears. For a good reason, not a bad reason.  You see, sometimes I get mail. From people with Opinions. Mostly, I just ignore it, because most people are speaking from a position of relative ignorance when it comes to marketing, copywriting, and running a business. Which is fine; it’s not [...]

Google is gross. Amazon is atrocious. Starbucks is scum.  That’s what the media and commentators are shrieking. The big multinationals are shirking their tax responsibilities and squeezing out small businesses. Down with that sort of thing! But here’s the thing: my (admittedly limited) knowledge of tax law tells me that these companies are working within [...]

If a chippy can do it…

  Why should you write a book? Ooh, many reasons. But here’s a story from the Daily Telegraph to illustrate. It’s a fish and chip shop – a humble chippy – that’s transformed its marketing, partly through writing its own book. Bloody good on them. Their success isn’t just down to their book, to be sure. [...]

All hail the Penis Tree of Leamington Spa

Bit of a strange subject line, I’ll agree… but there really is a Leamington Penis Tree.  It’s a landmark around here: when you’re approaching Leamington Spa from the M40 and making your way into town, there it is. Standing proud. You can see it here. There’s another landmark there now, too: the Sikh temple, which [...]

Screw sensible: it sucks donkey balls

You may or may not know that Joe and I are looking for a new home. We rent at the moment, but we’ve been saving up for a home of our own for quite some time now and we’re finally in a position to actually buy. This is very exciting, obviously… But also incredibly stressful. [...]

Zuul is scary. How do I get past her?

I get emails. I mean, I send an email every day, so I’m bound to get some.  Some are lovely, one or two are vaguely abusive, and a fair few are questions. I try and answer short questions individually (but don’t bother asking for free advice because it ain’t gonna happen – that’s not fair [...]

When I was planning my Write & Publish Your Book in 90 Days training, I sent out a survey. I had hundreds of replies; it was great. Perhaps you were one of those who replied.  One of the questions I asked was: “If you haven’t written a book yet, why not?” I’ve just been going [...]

Are you in it for the long game…?

Around 1975, a man on the verge of homelessness was wandering the streets of New York, cold and desperate. He could barely feed his family.  He had a good education, a great work ethic, and a dream… but he couldn’t find work. Not the work he wanted. He was a writer, you see. One day, [...]

Are you hiding in plain sight?

Ostriches are funny birds, aren’t they? Up to 9ft tall, with their crazy long necks and scraggly faces. Burying their heads in the sand to hide from predators…  Except they don’t. Bury their heads in the sand, that is. Because they’d asphyxiate if they did. How do these stories get started? A moment’s thought would [...]

Some time ago I had an email from one of my readers asking me a question. I answered him at the time, but thought you might find my response helpful, too. Here’s what he said: Hi Vicky – Thank you for your recent emails and I have just started reading your book, half way through [...]

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