Why I’m never going to be a real grown up

One of the perks of running your own business is that you can make whatever business decisions you wish. Like travelling first class on the train without having to justify it to anyone.  This isn’t just about self-indulgence, by the way. It’s about arriving at your destination refreshed, rested, and ready to get to work. [...]

One of the things I love about the Elite Mastermind I’m a Member of is the evening meals and drinks. We talk about our businesses, for sure, and the relaxed setting means we come up with ideas we perhaps wouldn’t in the actual Mastermind… but we also talk about other things.  Here’s an example. A [...]

How to avoid becoming a corporate zombie

Have you ever heard the term corporate zombie? For me, it conjours up images of shambling businessmen with rotting skin and flappy torn clothing roaming the glass halls of Canary Wharf, living off the barely conscious brains of exhausted interns.  How about you? Just me? Okay. Well, a corporate zombie is a company that has [...]

As I walked into the hotel in Cork, Darragh looked up from the reception desk, smiled, and said: “Welcome back Ms Fraser, it’s good to see you again.” Which is so cool.  If you can make your clients feel that special, you’re doing well. When I go over to Cork, Ireland, for the quarterly meeting of [...]

I was chatting with my friend the other day, after I sent an email about working for free. You remember – when I told you to moon anyone who tells you it’ll be ‘great exposure’? (You should, by the way. Moon them, I mean.)   I was talking about writers, photographers, designers, consultants… more ‘businessy’ [...]

The burning stupid of baggage claim

Airport baggage collections. They’re surely one of Dante’s lower levels of hell. Because they are filled with utter, utter idiots.  Here’s what I propose: paint a perimeter around each baggage carousel with around 8–10 feet of clearance between the line and the carousel. Then put up a sign that says something along the lines of [...]

You want my money? You better woo me first

So, that photographer’s website I sent you to look at the other day? This one? Well, a friend of mine had more of a nose around in it and noticed something missing. Something very important indeed.  I’m glad he pointed it out and asked me what I thought… He said: “I loved that photographer’s website you linked [...]

Brace yourself…

Brace yourself: the motivational New Year’s bullshit is coming… “New Year, new me!” they’ll declaim. “This year, everything will change and I’ll be successful!” they’ll declare. But I’m going to make a prediction: 99% of those declamations and declarations will never come to pass because New Year Resolutions simply don’t work. Just making a resolution isn’t [...]

One of my biggest bugbears is when freelancers, copywriters, and other business owners don’t charge what they are worth. What they want to charge.  Because they’ve encountered too many asshat clients in the past. Clients who’ve argued over the fees, who’ve asked for something for nothing because that’s ‘all we have in the budget’, and – my [...]

Just outside Masouri, on Kalymnos, there is a man who’s found his starving crowd. It’s absolutely genius.  You see, first thing in the morning before the sun comes around, hordes of climbers trudge up the scrubby hills just behind the town to a climbing area called the Grande Grotte. It’s a popular crag because it’s [...]

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