Do you have bouncebackability?

Well, do ya? Do ya have bouncebackability? Or how about this – I read this in an email the other day and immediately loved it – are you unfuckwithable?  Two of my favourite words. Because if you want to run a successful business, you definitely need bouncebackability. If you put yourself out there, put your [...]

Money-making secrets of crazy entrepreneurs

Dennis M. Hope is a man with a daft plan. Well, he had a plan… now he has a booming business — a property company that’s been his sole income since 1995. His company is Moon Estates — and it’s just about the best business model I’ve ever heard of (apart from televangelism — that [...]

Yesterday I asked what you’re going to do to move you closer to that perfect business.  Unsurprisingly, I didn’t get nearly as many answers as I did to the “how would you know your business is perfect” question. I suspect this is because deep down, everyone knows that they’ll have to change the way they [...]

So what are you gonna do about it?

I had some great replies to my blog post yesterday, in which I asked: “If you came in on Monday morning to your office, and your business was suddenly perfect – how would you know?” Some of the answers people gave were pretty in-depth; others said simply something along the lines of: all the paperwork / [...]

How would you know?

Here’s a question for you – and I’d really like you to answer it, because I’m curious. Just leave a comment below, and tell me.   Imagine, while you’re at home this weekend, there was a miracle at your office… and when you go in on Monday morning your business is perfect… how would you know? [...]

Location location location

As we walked into the parlour, we had to brush the hanging cobwebs away like curtains. It was like walking into a Dickens novel. I half-expected to see Miss Havisham sitting in a chair in the corner…  But what I saw instead was a very dead rat. About the size of a small pony. And [...]

How interesting do you find road cleaning? Not very? You’re wrong.  Because there’s something interesting in everything. It always cracks me up when I hear another copywriter moan about a job they’re doing because they’re writing about something really dull. At first glance, it might be dull… but dig a little deeper, look at the [...]

Introverts Unite!

“Well, I’m sort of a writer,” she said. “I used to be a journalist. Now I’m an eco chicken farmer. I have 12,000 chickens.”  And that’s why it’s good to go away on training courses and meet new people! I went on a storytelling course in December and Sean and Renuka D’Souza, the organisers, have started [...]

How NOT to market on LinkedIn

This is a public service email. I don’t check LinkedIn that often anymore because it seems to be morphing into another time-wasting Flakebook-style newsfeed mush, but I pop on there every now and then because I have ads running.    (The ads are doing better and better, by the way) A message was in my [...]

Life lessons from a serial killer

Have you ever seen Dexter? It’s an American TV series about a serial killer… but he only kills people who deserve it, who are killers themselves, and who have somehow got away with their crimes. He sweeps up the dregs that fall through the cracks. Mostly. It’s actually a great series and very funny in [...]

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