Hornets. There are many, many hornets in Greece. Hornets are like the bodybuilders of the wasp family; they’re massive, they’re loud, and they’re more for show than for anything else (although their stings are fierce and you don’t want to get too close to a nest).  Individually, though, they’re alright. They make me laugh, because they’ll fly [...]

How do you cope with unexpected scary situations? Do you just get on with it? Or do you gibber in terror and wait for someone to fix it for you? Of course, doing a bit of both is an option…  Like me, the other day. At the top of a 25 metre climb. I’d just [...]

The first half of the battle is getting your head in the right place. Mindsets. Perceptions. Not any of that motivational bobbins the self-help goo-roos shriek about, with primal screams and that kinda stuff. I mean, if that’s your bag, no problem. Go scream in the woods (just spare a thought for the poor squirrels).  [...]

This is how to write a great website. And when I say ‘great’, I mean one that sells, not one that looks good, or makes you smile and feel proud, or your mum likes.   A website that will do what it’s designed to do: sell wedding photography. If you’re a photographer, take note: this is, by far, the best [...]

December 25. Goodness. Where’s this year gone? All of a sudden *whispers* it’s Christmas. Yikes.  So, how has your business fared this year? Have you hit any of your goals? Have you made any goals? I only ask because most people set New Year Resolutions, or January goals, or other such stuff. It’s normal. It’s what most people [...]

Queerly beloved, we are gathered here togay

Always niche if you can. If you provide a specialist service to a specific group of people, you’ll be able to charge more, pick and choose your clients more carefully, and work less.  I saw the phrase used in the subject line on Facebook, and it made me chuckle… and it made me think there’s [...]

Screaming quietly into your crash helmet

Recently I spent the afternoon bimbling around Worcestershire and Shropshire with my dad. We went off to look at a house on our motorbikes. It was probably the longest trip I’ve done on two wheels in a couple of years, which is pretty pants really. I should make more of an effort to get out and [...]

Experiments in gravity

Ever wondered why cats push things off shelves? I have the answer.  I’ve wondered this myself, because our little grey cat Whiskey does this. She gets herself up onto the mantlepiece above the woodburner and sits herself all neat and tidy on the corner. Then she’ll wait until you’re looking at her, and carefully push [...]

Get your emo on, amigo

  When you’re writing to persuade someone to do something, whether that’s to buy something, or donate, or simply click a link, remember this: people are emotional creatures. Use emotional, human language. Write like you speak, in other words. Like this… Tell a joke, not an anecdote Don’t assault someone, beat the crap out of them [...]

Do you balter?

Yesterday, I was reminded about the joys of language. The wonder of words. Not in a lame “I’m a copywriter so I love words” kinda way, but in a wondrous “I have a lifelong love affair with reading, stories, and language” kinda way.  All those stuffed shirts who tell you that this word is wrong, [...]

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