Why millions die, and we can’t care

One child dying is a tragedy. One million children dying is a statistic. We can be horrified at a million deaths. We can be shocked. We can say something must be done (and oftentimes, good things are done).   But we can’t care, not deeply. Not until it’s personal. Because one million people is a statistic. It’s abstract, [...]

Brace yourself for a deluge of crap

Once upon a time, there was a little business. The little business wanted to grow, but it wasn’t sure how. So it did what little businesses have done since the beginning of time: it looked around at what the big businesses were doing, and copied them. It jumped on the shiny new brand storytelling train [...]

Oh no! He has you in his tractor beam, and he’s heading your way. We all know someone like that, amiright? Someone who, although he might be lovely, is also snoozingly dull.  As he rambles on in a monotone, your mind drifts to the pile of laundry you have waiting at home, and then goes [...]

Knickers, knickers, everywhere – and legs all the way up to here. Yep, I competed in the finals of the Authentic Pole Dancing competition up in Wigan a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to share my learnings with you.  We made a podcast all about it. And, because I finally learned to do my own [...]

How The Daily Mail can help you sell more

Ugh, I feel like I need a bleach shower even writing that subject line… But if there’s one thing the Daily Mail is superlative at (apart from being a hate-mongering misogynistic shit-fest) it’s headlines.  Without some of the best headline writers in the world, the DM — and all tabloid newspapers, trashy magazines, and YouTube channels — [...]

Cast off your cloak of invisibility!

Marcie raised her hand to answer the teacher’s question. She lowered it as the teacher called on someone else.  She put up her hand again, higher this time — and again, the teacher passed over her. And again. It was like she hadn’t even seen her. She sighed. Then stared at her hand in horror [...]

Email marketing doesn’t work!

The Earth is flat. Did you know that?  No, it is, because I read it on the internet and the group who told me had proof. The Moon landings never happened, and Australia is a myth. Which came as something of a shock to my Australian friends, I gather. See, you can’t see the roundness of the [...]

Get over it! [new podcast]

Why are you still doing that? Even though it’s not working? Honestly, get over it. In this episode, we wrestle with a raspberry seed stuck in my teeth, a tragic lack of gin (due to illness), and why human brains are wired to screw us over. We dig deep into the sapiens cranium, pull out the entrails [...]

I like it every day *waggles eyebrows*

Everyone has that one acquaintance you only hear from when they want to borrow money, amiright? You don’t hear from them for months, then *poof*! There they are, hand out, asking for your hard-earned moolah.  Bear that in mind when you hear my next idea… Because you’re going to hate it. Remember yesterday I said [...]

Coffee or sex?

His eyes land right on my cleavage, travel down, then finally end up at my face. And he leans right in and puts his arm around me as he propositions me with something I don’t even understand (honest, mum!).  Resisting the urge to punch him in the nuts, I tell him to do one and [...]

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