“I could do better than that…”

Hop over to Udemy and take a look at what’s on offer in your industry. How many courses are there teaching something you know lots about?  I’ve just had a look and there are 74 courses on “writing a book” and 46 on “self publishing”. Some of them will be excellent… others, not so much. [...]

The Twitter Effect

Follow. Unfollow. Follow. Unfollow.  Oh for fuck’s sake, Anna Kendrick, why do you have to be SO. DAMN. FUNNY. *crawls back under blanket and conducts forensic inquest into entire life* I don’t meander around Twitter much, because I’m an introvert on social media as well as in real life. I’d like to be a Twitter-fiend, [...]

Peanut butter business owners

The urban dictionary will tell you (among other enlightening things) that “peanut butter thighs” means smooth and spreadable. Ahem.   There’s also a song by RuPaul called Peanut Butter which is hilarimouse – but whenever I hear it, I always think about you. Not in a creepy way. In a “business owner spreads self too thin” kinda way. [...]

Build a weirdo fort [new podcast]

Are you weird? Do you know how to find fellow weirdos and drag them into your blanket fort?  No? Well, tune into this week’s Business For Superheroes Show and find out how to persuade people into your enclosure (in a non-creepy way). If you want to grow your business and work with people who make your toes [...]

SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE! Discount discount discount! My inbox is full of emails that all look the same, say the same, and pretty much are the same. I bet yours is too. Amiright? Now don’t get me wrong: I love a bargain as much as the next person. I’m not saying ignore Black Friday. I’m not [...]

Baring all on a trapeze

Wanna see what I get up to when I’m not writing these emails? Or writing books? Or teaching business owners just like you how to write a book? Check this out: I’m quite chuffed with this, despite the fact I can see all the mistakes I made and all the hangnails I want to file [...]

Hitting the floor with your face

Shrieks of laugher, mostly from me – as I let go of the pole with all my limbs and hit the mat with my face. I’ve got the video somewhere, I’ll dig it out sometime. It’s funny. But today I’m sharing another video, not of me. It’s doing the rounds, so you might have seen [...]

“Use your outside glute!” I blurted, wildly. Yep: the anatomy and physiology section stuck, then. (there is no such thing as an “outside glute”, fyi. just one big butt cheek) It’s amazing how our brains can gently disintegrate under pressure. Like when you’re doing a practical test in which you’re teaching a class of people [...]

Write ripples in the world [new podcast]

Who knew palm trees could be so frickin’ HUGE? Not me and Joe, that’s for sure – but now, recording this episode of The Business For Superheroes Show Podcast under a giant specimen, we’re feeling dwarfed.  This episode is coming at you from the California desert, where Joe and I were sitting outside our beautiful adobe hotel [...]

“WHYYYYYYYY WILL NOBODY BUY MY STUFF?” It’s a common cry among small business owners, and it breaks my heart. Because your stuff is great. But here’s the problem: nobody knows you exist. Today, I can help. With tenugui. Want to know what tenugui is and how it can help you win the kind of customers you really want? [...]

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