How to undermine yourself in 3 words

“In my opinion…” Those three little words will do more damage to your credibility than you realise.  How often do you say them when you’re talking to clients, recording podcasts, or making videos? How often do you write them in your articles, blog posts, and emails? How often do they appear in your book (if [...]

I wanted to write another book. I published Business For Superheroes in 2015, and it’s done well for me over the years. It was time for another one. So I decided I’d take myself off to Turkey for a week, on my own, to get it done.  Fethiye was beautiful and I wrote the grand total of 2,809 [...]

The flash of inspiration will kill you

I see you, staring out of the window. Waiting for inspiration to arrive from the big blue beyond. Blaming its tardiness for your inability to work.   Well, buckle up, bucko – the truth is, there is no flash of inspiration. It is a myth. Like Stephen King said, “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of [...]

Sissy That Walk [Moxie Monday]

“Pick myself up, turn the world on its head Don’t forget what, don’t forget what my mama said People talking since the beginning of time Unless they paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind” I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: RuPaul is a Wise Owl. And he makes a banging choon. [...]

Are our smartphones making us stupid? Maybe, according a new report from the University of Texas.  The study is called Brain Drain: The Mere Presence of One’s Own Smartphone Reduces Available Cognitive Capacity. Researchers found someone’s ability to hold and process data improved enormously if their smartphone was in another room. They asked participants to take [...]

Just Say NO! [new podcast]

Drugs, kids: just say NO! Also say “NO” to things that make you feel small, things that make you feel clammy, and things that you just plain don’t want to do.  Join me and Joe as I explain how saying “NO” made me taller, and Joe dispenses the best piece of advice he’s ever offered [...]

“I can’t put my prices up!” “I can’t possibly charge that!” “Nobody will pay those prices!” These are all phrases I hear often… and they’re all total balls. They’re lies your brain, your peers, and your well-meaning-but-wrong family and friends tell you. People will pay top-shelf prices for what you offer. You just need to up your [...]

I got chills…

…and they’re multiplying. And not just because I’m sitting here wearing everything I own. (Seriously, I look like a pom-pom right now.) I have chills because I am thrilled. Because I am doing what thrills me. And that’s what I want for you, too, and I’m worried it’s more fog than thrill. We’re not like [...]

Don’t tell me you can’t

Do you know the very first thing I tell my new coachees, students, and clients to do? Put your prices up. Nobody – you, me, and everyone else you know – is charging as much as they could for their products and services. And do you know what every one of them says to me [...]

How to escape from quicksand

I am stucker than a child in 1980s quicksand. (Derailment: do you have an unreasonable fear of quicksand after watching 1980s TV shows in which people were in great peril in quicksand? I do. And I found out recently that quicksand peril isn’t really a thing.)   Back to my stuckness. So, I’m writing another book. [...]

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