Joe and I talk teeth and cosmic universal alignment rays in the latest episode of The Business For Superheroes Show. There’s a brief argument about grammar and lots of questions.  Questions you’ll find helpful if you’re writing a book and trying to make said book better. You’ll also find the questions helpful if you’re making anything new [...]

Do you sell products – actual things? Or at least, do you ever send people physical stuff in the post? Watch this video. In fact, watch it anyway, whether your products are physical or virtual, or you simply sell services – because I’ll show you how to stand out from your competition, surprise and delight [...]

Shark attack or appendix?

Oh, that one’s from a shark attack. And that’s from fending off a knife-wielding maniac. That one? Appendix.  We all have scars and unless they actually are from a shark attack or something equally exciting, we tend to hide them away. We see them as ugly, as blemishes, as reminders of when something went wrong [...]

How to kill your waffle [new video]

How do you keep your book interesting without all the waffle? ^^ Good question, from Sarah. How do you keep your book (or any writing) interesting, and eliminate the fluff? Because you can’t bore people into buying from you. Is not possible. Joe and I answered this question in a two-minute video you can watch [...]

How to instantly become a better writer

Want to know how to improve your writing instantly?  Start by banishing five words. These five words, in fact. Read more here… About the Author Vicky Fraser Please do share any articles from this site in part or in full — as long as you leave all links intact, give credit to the author, and [...]

Mastering levitation [Moxie Monday!]

I think I may have mastered levitation. Yesterday was my trapeze competition – or at least, the audition for the UK Aerial Performance Championships – in Prestatyn. There are several categories – kids, then adult hoop, silks, and open categories at amateur, instructor, and professional level. Mine was instructor open and when I performed, I’m [...]

Lisping about beta readers [new podcast]

I lisp my way through this week’s podcast.  No, I’m not drunk – yet… if you want to know why I’ve suddenly developed a speech impediment, tune in. You’ll hear Joe’s top tip about fitting skirting boards, and why that’s relevant to your business. And, of course, you’ll discover if you actually do need beta [...]

“Oh, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… It’s tax time. How am I going to pay this?” Earlier this year, for the first time ever, I got a tax bill I thought I wouldn’t be able to pay. In the end, it was fine (a couple of invoices came in that I’d forgotten about) – but not before I panicked, [...]

Look at my gnashers

These are my teeth (or a 3D representation of them, at least):  In a moment, I’ll tell you how they’ve helped me become healthier and less prone to snacking. But before that, I want to explain what I just did and talk to you about some NLP-sounding shizzle called pattern interrupts. My introduction to this [...]

How the hell do you write a book?

Ever wanted to write a book? Or thought you couldn’t possibly? You’re not alone – it’s the most common thing I hear… and it’s not true! You can write a book. Bill Goss, from Elite Publishing, interviewed me for his Author TV channel. You can watch us here: In this 30-minute interview, I talk about: The [...]

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