You can write, or do nothing

I need to do the laundry. And the floor needs hoovering. I have plants in the greenhouse that need potting on. Oh, and I could just tile the bathroom, too… These are the fancies that pound my brain like surf on a barren shore whenever I sit down to write.   Sent by the Resistance Demons, [...]

How to avoid dying of embarrassment

Ever been at a stand-up comedy show where the comedian has just died on stage? They’re desperately trying to be funny, but it’s just not happening… and the audience is squirming because it’s so uncomfortably cringeworthy. *shudder* The same thing can happen if you try to be funny when you’re writing your book (or anything else, for [...]

The trapeze warm-up writing trick

Just as I’d never get on the trapeze without warming up thoroughly, I never write anything without warming up, either. And nor should you.  You’ll get injured. I wrote an article all about how to warm up before you write anything – the weird photo to the left will take you to it. Warming up before [...]

Don’t think twice [Moxie Monday!]

Need a little lift to get you going on a Monday morning? Crank your speakers up to 11, clear a space, and get ready to Moonwalk… I know MJ is a controversial figure right now, but it doesn’t make his music any less incredible. I grew up listening to him and he was an extraordinary [...]

How to beat option paralysis

Today’s post is coming at you from Sunderland, which is a very long way north. I’m here because I’m one of the Five Undesirables at my good friend Dom Hodgson’s IMPACT 2019 Pet Business Success Summit.  Yesterday, I gave a talk to a roomful of pet business owners about what writing a book can do [...]

How long should it be? [new podcast]

Joe and I talk giant table man-dongs, enormous birthday cakes, and magnificent bruises before getting into the real nitty-gritty: how long should it be?  Fnarr. We mean your book, of course. In this episode, you’ll discover why worrying about length causes big boring book problems–and what to do about it. Tune in and find out [...]

Saw a funny thing on BookFace t’other day, and saved it – because it gave me an idea for how to help you flamingo your business. Having a good product or service isn’t enough – that’s not what people will remember. Your product quality is only the start, and is a minimum requirement if you [...]

You’re not a machine, dammit

“Oh, butt-cracks…” There goes another nail. Let me tell you, you get a special kind of sinking feeling when you’re laying solid oak floorboards and you mis-hit a nail and bend it good and proper.  Laying a floor is hard work, you know. Joe and I had this idea that we’d do the fiddly bits [...]

The most fun you can have by yourself

There are two great love stories in my life: my Joe, and my books. Books are a window into another life, another person’s story, another world. Books are the collected wisdom of generations. And they change the world. Every time someone reads a book, they change. Their world changes. And the reader goes out into [...]

Why you shouldn’t write a book

Write your book in a weekend. Get more clients. Become a “thought leader” (whatever the feck that is). Be a celeb. And do it all using this easy blueprint that’ll take you a day.  Really? Really? What kind of book do you think will come out of a process like that, especially if you’re paying [...]

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