Learn to fly [Moxie Mondays]

I defy you not to jump around the room while this song is playing. Then, once you’ve stopped pogo-ing, sit down and watch the video… because it’s hilarious. I can’t believe I’ve never seen this music video, but it has it all: random cameos from Tenacious D, and a universe filled with Dave Grohl, in [...]

Thoughtless action [The Sunday Service]

You and I are a collection of habits. According to Charles Duhigg, who wrote the splendid book The Power of Habit, between 40-45% of what we do every day is a habit.  It might feel like we’re making decisions… but we’re not, really. I don’t know about you, but I find it a little alarming that [...]

Do you have a Zombie Plan? You’d better.  And not just because it’s a fun game to play. Find out how putting together a Zombie Plan gets you using your noggin for creative problem solving – and find out what Jon Maiden’s Top Secret survival plan is. This week, I ditch Joe in favour of [...]

Look, I get it. We’re brought up to do things a certain way. Do THIS to get into university; do THIS to get a job; do THIS to turn a cartwheel. But following a formula to sell your shizzle ain’t enough. It’s a fine place to start… but after a while you’re just following the [...]

Quick tip for you today. Are you working on a new book? Or a new course? Anything you want to sell to people?   Overwhelming, isn’t it? All those moving parts trying to trip you up, so you don’t know where to start. So much to do: emails, blog posts, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, articles, interviews, YouTube, [...]

Infinite monkeys couldn’t drag me away

Wide-eyed and freezing my bits off, I bounced up and down excitedly. On Monday, Joe and I were in London doing the most British of doings: queuing.  I queued my little fleecy socks off and would have queued some more, because I’d bagged myself a couple of tickets to see these guys live: It’s Robin Ince [...]

Weird is fun – and more profitable

The struggle is real, grasshopper. A burning desire to stand out and be different, to achieve something special… balanced by the soul-sucking instinct to fit in.  Struggling to not to get pulled into the same black hole of beige (beige hole?) as everyone else… but terrified of drifting off alone. Every fibre in your body screaming at [...]

Welcome to the cheap seats [Moxie Monday]

There’s nothing like an inane interruption to derail your train of thought and plunge it into the ravine of frustration. So while you’re listening to today’s top choon – an anthem from my baggy teenage years, from one of the first gigs I ever went to – set some rules for your business.  Rules are [...]

Do you have a Not-A-Plan? [New Podcast]

Have you ever seen tiny sheep doing agility courses? Well, hold onto your hats, because this episode of The Business For Superheroes Show contains sheep agility.  Also Dingle renovations – all because Joe and I abandoned our Not-A-Plan in favour of a Plan, which is much more useful. Grab a cuppa and a pen and paper, because [...]

Wanna know what’s in my mailbox this week? A magical booklet, that’s what! I want to show you why this booklet is magical, and how you can take this idea and do something for your business. It’s simple… but you do have to put in the work. Watch this Then sign up to my daily [...]

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