There’s something about today’s Moxie Monday anthem that screams “SPRINGTIME”! Turn your speakers up to 11, stand up, and mosh around your office. You’re welcome. Tune, right? I can’t think to music. But I start every day with a tune to get my blood roaring, because ideas surf that wave and arrive in my head. [...]

You Ask, We Answer Part III [new podcast]

Joe and I suit up to answer more of your questions about writing and publishing books. Tune in to find out what drives me to do what I do, what to do if you think you’re not expert enough, how to unwaffle your writing, how to juggle your time with paid clients to make room [...]

Fun with pencils [Flamingo Friday!]

Sick of seeing crappy branded plastic pens everywhere? Wondering what you could give out at shows or as little branded gifts for your clients? How about a pencil? And no, they’re not boring – watch this video and find out why… Enjoying Flamingo Friday? Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. It also contains TinySheeps. About the Author Vicky Fraser [...]

A Thursday serenity prayer

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference. I love the Serenity Prayer. When the crazymaker in my cranium starts spinning and convincing me I need to panic, I step outside and recite it to myself. Because [...]

Write a book in an hour a day?

Is writing a book really as simple as just getting up and writing your thoughts for one hour each day? Find out in this video… Got any questions about writing and publishing a book for your business? Send me an email and ask away–Joe and I will answer them for you :) About the Author [...]

Monday High Lights [Moxie Monday!]

Couple of weeks ago I got a text from Joe (my wonderful and long-suffering husband). It said: “High lights. Song. Listen to it. You’ll love it.” He was right. Normally, Moxie Monday is a little insight into my musical past; the soundtrack of my past life oozing into my present and your Monday morning ears. [...]

What’s your spirit animal?

What’s your spirit animal? I thought mine was an elephant, but my husband Joe says my spirit animal is definitely a cranefly: spindly and neurotic and crashing into things. He’s not being mean (well, maybe a little); just observant. I rush from one thing to the next, bouncing off walls, furniture, my next task, and [...]

Joe and I talk about misery tea, tit-lice, and how the effing hell you can possibly come up with a good title for your book (or course or product or anything).  We promise you 10 top tips, but only deliver 5 because–somewhat predictably–we ran out of time. Tune in and find out why it’s so [...]

Want a super-simple, low-cost way to create raving fans of your business who’ll buy from you without you having to sell to them? Watch this video. ⬇⬇⬇ Last night, I went to an event at a local shop with around 16 other people, and we all bought something. Any business can do this – any business – and it [...]

Half an hour and a handful of nuts

Have you ever tried to teach a TinySheep to do tricks? Have you ever met a sheep close-up?  If you haven’t, let me tell you a few things about sheep in general and TinySheep in particular. They are adorable. Full of personality and clever – on the contrary to popular mythology, which says they’re brainless [...]

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