This is a trick question

Who is your best, most important client or customer? You’ve probably got an idea. The person who’s perfect, and whom you’d like to clone so you can have more of them, right? Wrong.  Your best, most important client is YOU. Business owners often tell me they don’t have time to write their book, or market [...]

Sarah asked me, “How do I manage my time to write a book when I’m juggling paid work?” Joe and I drop a truth bomb on her noggin – then give her a simple strategy to help her fit all the things she wants and needs to do into the time she has. In this [...]

You’ve Got Talent!

Have you heard of Finn the fabulous police dog and his human, PC Dave Wardell? They came fifth in Britain’s Got Talent recently… and this week, Finn’s Law was finally passed by the House of Lords – which is a bloody marvellous turn of events, as you’ll see in a moment.  First, though, here’s PC Dave Wardell’s [...]

Habitual peopling = winning at biz

How does an extra grand a month sound? Pretty good, right?  Talking to one of my Superheroes the other day, she told me that’s how much income she’s making from being part of a networking group. Now, I’m not a networker – it’s just not me. But my Superhero has been part of this group [...]

Winner winner tofu dinner

Just under two weeks ago, I competed in the North Wales heats of the UK Aerial Performance Championships on my dance trapeze. I placed first in my category… and since then, I’ve been gnawing my nails down to stubs waiting to find out if I got through to the grand finals in August. The competition [...]

Feel like an imposter? You’re not alone. Here’s a question I get asked a LOT: “How to assert my authority if I’m new to the industry – or should I wait until I have more experience?” In this week’s episode of Moxie Author TV, Joe and I answer Sarah’s question about how to write a [...]

Joe and I talk teeth and cosmic universal alignment rays in the latest episode of The Business For Superheroes Show. There’s a brief argument about grammar and lots of questions.  Questions you’ll find helpful if you’re writing a book and trying to make said book better. You’ll also find the questions helpful if you’re making anything new [...]

Do you sell products – actual things? Or at least, do you ever send people physical stuff in the post? Watch this video. In fact, watch it anyway, whether your products are physical or virtual, or you simply sell services – because I’ll show you how to stand out from your competition, surprise and delight [...]

Shark attack or appendix?

Oh, that one’s from a shark attack. And that’s from fending off a knife-wielding maniac. That one? Appendix.  We all have scars and unless they actually are from a shark attack or something equally exciting, we tend to hide them away. We see them as ugly, as blemishes, as reminders of when something went wrong [...]

How to kill your waffle [new video]

How do you keep your book interesting without all the waffle? ^^ Good question, from Sarah. How do you keep your book (or any writing) interesting, and eliminate the fluff? Because you can’t bore people into buying from you. Is not possible. Joe and I answered this question in a two-minute video you can watch [...]

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