What is the Super Worm Moon?

Are you going outside to watch the Super Worm Moon tonight? It’s the Spring Equinox, which means summer is on its way YAY and it coincides with the full moon being particularly close to Earth. The moon will look 14% larger and some per cent brighter. And it’s also a Worm Moon, which I find [...]

Criticism hurts so good

I spoke to a friend this morning. She’s talented, she’s skilled, she’s knowledgeable, and she wants share her skills with more business owners. My friend is fabulous.  She wants us to understand why people buy, and why they don’t, and how we can improve our sales and marketing to reach and sell to more people–so [...]

Do you ever feel like your life is systematically stepping on your head? I’m having one of those days today: not just business shizzle, but house renovation exhaustion, trapeze plans, and stuff that seemed like a good idea three months ago. So this morning I’m dancing madly around my office. Sister Madly. This was my [...]

Sometimes you just need to sit down and start, you know? There’s only so much preparation you can do; after a while it becomes procrastination. That’s what Joe and I found yesterday.   We’re about to finish the first complete room in the cottage we’re renovating – the attic. All the structural work has been done, the [...]

This week’s podcast is brought to you by cartoon TinySheep, misery tea, and a LOT of interruptions. Joe and I answer more of your questions, hindered by the cats. Want to know if there’s any point trying to get traditionally published? How to get your book printed? How to design a cover? Listen in, because [...]

Today’s blog post is brought to you by Brexit. BUT IN A GOOD WAY. Watch this for an idea of how to turn a total shyt-show to your advantage – ethically. Suttons Seeds sent me a cracking email, and I want to break it down a little and share it with you. Use it as [...]

By the power of Grayskull!

He-Man had the Power Sword (or one half of it, anyway). It held the secrets to Castle Grayskull and enabled our hero to defend the universe against Skeletor. Wonder Woman had the Lasso of Truth. Frodo had the Ring of Power. Beowulf had Hrunting and Nægling, his magical swords.  Fiction, myth, and legend give us [...]

Think it’s all been said already?

“I can’t believe I have anything to say that is novel or unique on leadership and getting what you want in a career.” That’s what Leslie told me a couple of weeks ago when I asked her why she hasn’t written a book for her business. I wasn’t surprised; it’s one of the most common [...]

On not writing…

It’s much easier not to write than to write. It’s far simpler not to act than to act. But nothing gets done that way, does it? I spent 20 years not writing a book, then when I did write a book I was as happy as an elephant with a hosepipe. I wrote about my [...]

Hooked on this feeling [Moxie Monday!]

This song is daffodils shining bright yellow smiles, warm sunshine, and the world waking up for springtime. Turn the volume up, and get ready to dance… I first heard this when I saw Reservoir Dogs… then I was delighted when Guardians of the Galaxy brought it to a whole new generation of music lovers. The trumpets lift my [...]

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