The Mom Marketing Method

Listen to your mother. Seriously. She’s not just your mom, she’s a window into your customers’ heads.  There’s even a book about it (The Mom Test), which is currently in my “must read” pile. Let me give you an example I found a while ago in a Facebook group. The chap with the mom gave me [...]

You’re not busy, you’re lazy

An email arrived from my friend Yinka a while ago, informing me that rather than being productive, I was actually being lazy. My mouth dropped open. I was momentarily outraged.  Then I read on. She’d been listening to an audiobook and heard the narrator say this: “Being Busy is a form of laziness – lazy [...]

Vomiting cats and Elvis legs

Have you ever wanted to bang your head on the desk because people don’t get what you’re on about? I mean, you’ve explained it. You’ve shown them. It’s obvious, right? But those stubborn bastards just refuse to understand how to do it. You’ve done your best to explain something to your clients, to show them how [...]

[Moxie Mondays] Get me a drink

“My heart was breaking, hands were shaking…” Ooh the number of times I’ve started a week feeling like that. Not because of anything horrendous, you understand; more because my week started with something that I was not looking forward to. My week often used to start with me thinking something along the lines of, “Son of a [...]

Mind control for beginners [new podcast]

Blogging, Brexit, Rupert Murdoch, and the future of video: this podcast has it all. Joe and I are back in the saddle with the final instalment of the 7 Quirks of Successful Business Owners series we started approximately 4,873 years ago. Tune in for the scoop on why you need to have your own media platform, which [...]

Most business owners, when they want to make some fast cash, miss a trick. They take to social media, posting wildly and looking desperate. Or they send a couple of emails and hope against hope that someone will buy something. But there’s something better you can do – and it’ll cost you no more than [...]

Is your environment scuppering you?

Yesterday, I made a vow to myself through my chattering teeth. This time next year, The Dingle will be warm enough to work in without hunching and without having to wear a sleeping bag.  Yesterday, I was cold. So could I couldn’t feel the ends of my fingers, which is a problem when you write [...]

Mind-control for beginners

Ever wished you could bend others to your will? Ever wished you could bend your own brain to your will, and stop it trying to trip you up at every opportunity?    Well, today I give you: mind control for beginners. I unearthed a set of tricks a chap called Adrian sent me a few years ago. [...]

1.1 X your business LOL

“But it wouldn’t be an extra zero. It’d be an extra… I don’t know. Wine.” Said I. “What? What are you talking about?” asked my long-suffering husband.  “10 X-ing businesses. We’re having a maths fail.” “It’d be 1.1 X-ing the business,” snorted Dom, who promptly rolled around laughing. “1.1 X! Yeah! Screw those 10 X [...]

Now we’ve got “new year new me” nonsense out of the way, I’m going to pile into another heap of codswallop. The bifurcation of Mondays. There are two Monday camps. Camp the First: Ugh, Mondays are the worst thing ever, I hate my life, I hate my job, I hate my business, I hate Mondays, [...]

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