If in doubt, consult an oracle

No, I’m serious! Consult an oracle.  I haven’t gone crazy or caught religion or anything: oracles aren’t what you might think they are. In fact, oracles are extremely useful. In ye olden days, oracles had a very important job. Not to predict the future, but to provoke creative thought to solve problems. Oracles are all [...]

How to liberate a moose

When I arrived in a windy and drizzly Cork in December, I was greeted by name at the desk (there’s service for you) and with a Christmas moose on my door!  Honestly, it’s like coming home when I come to my Elite mastermind meeting. It’s not just the very good friends I’ve made and love [...]

Greetings! I am Vicky, copywriter based on Mars!   You have a new website domain, but as yet your website is not up and running! Let us help you! We are a web developer, and web app maker, and we can help! Which is what I’ve been greeted with all weekend – and then a [...]

Why your customers can’t afford you

Do you charge as much as you should? As much as you could? The answer to that question is almost certainly no. None of us charges as much as we could or should. Without wandering into the realm of deluxe goods and services and premium pricing here, I do want to say something about price. [...]

How to fail at recruitment

Someone pointed out this job ad to me the other day: It’s on LinkedIn. (And now everywhere on the internet, too.) And it’s all the stupid. To start with, it’s a crap job ad. One of the things I do really well is write great job ads that attract top-notch people. To be fair to [...]

Wait a minute… That’s no cigarette!

Every now and then I come across an advert that makes me go, “Ooh. That’s good.” Except… it’s missing a trick. This is one of those adverts:  Eye-catching image: check. That’s a cigarette… wait a minute! That’s no cigarette! Great copy, very well done. It’s clever without being clever. It makes its point extremely subtly, [...]

R2D2 is on my desk and he’s super-cute

I’ve had one of those days today, where I simply couldn’t think of a thing to write. Not a damn thing.  Which is why it’s now 4.36pm and I’m tapping away on my Mac. Then I looked up and caught a glimpse of my new Yeti microphone. I bought it so I could record my [...]

Fingernails are pretty, fingernails are good

No. No they’re not. Fingernails, that is.  Oh hi there. So, I disagree with the great and wonderful Dave Grohl: fingernails are not good. I mean, obviously they serve a purpose. But they keep growing. It’s most vexing. See, I hate long fingernails. They’re creepy. And the really long ones? Gross. Long fingernails on men? Deeply [...]

Covered in glitter and drinking gin

In one of the copywriting groups I lurk in on Flakebook, someone posted up some extracts from an email they’d received that morning. It made me smile and it made perfect sense…  But I don’t think it went far enough. This chap started by saying that 80% of the battle is finding the right people [...]

My stunted and woeful vocabulary

I saw something that made me chuckle this morning, in the Ontraport Facebook group. Some chap had made a landing page with the headline “Wake The Fuck Up!”  And some other chap had commented: “How about expanding your vocabulary to not have to be offensive in your headline?” It always cracks me up when some [...]

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