Cast off your cloak of invisibility!

Marcie raised her hand to answer the teacher’s question. She lowered it as the teacher called on someone else. 

Does anyone notice you?

She put up her hand again, higher this time — and again, the teacher passed over her.

And again. It was like she hadn’t even seen her.

She sighed.

Then stared at her hand in horror — surely you shouldn’t be able to see the table through it? And her other one was going the same way…

Marcie was becoming invisible.

This is from an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer called Out of Mind, Out of Sight in which an unpopular girl called Marcie, whom nobody ever noticed, finally became invisible.

Nobody ever even noticed her, so she ceased to exist for them.

Does anyone notice you? One of the most common questions I get is, “How do I get more customers?”

I write these daily blog posts to help you with that problem, but before you do anything else marketing-wise, remember this: if you want people to buy from you, first they have to notice you.

I’ll come back to how you can be a flamingo at a penguin party in the future — right now, I want to show you how to get your advert or email or other marketing thingy noticed.

Because if they don’t notice you, you don’t exist for them.

And most advertising is never noticed at all — 89% of ads are never noticed, according to advertising legend Dave Trott.

Here’s another stat: according to Statistica, $584.14bn was spent worldwide on advertising in 2017.

Which means, if Dave Trott is correct, $519.88bn of it was wasted.

That’s staggering.

I’m staggered.

Look, if you want to sell stuff, your advertising and marketing — and let’s be clear, everything you do that relates to your business is marketing — it must have impact, it must communicate, and it must persuade.

In that order.

We have a jargony acronym for it in the marketing biz: AIDCA.






In that order.

Nothing you do matters if nobody knows you exist in the first place.

There’s no point spending time, money, and effort on marketing materials, websites, and emails if nobody notices.

You must get their attention.

Tomorrow, I’ll give you a few top headline tips and share a couple of examples of good and stinkingly awful.

In the meantime — start scribbling a few notes about your main product or service, the main thing you want to sell.

What is it?

Who’s your ideal customer?

What’s your offer?

Cast off your cloak of invisibility and get ready to get noticed by the right people. Don’t be Marcie. Be successful.

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