Cheap at twice the price

“Do you know the prices?” she asked.

“No,” I replied. “I suppose I’d better find out.”

“It’s £3,750 each – £7,500 altogether.”

Money isn’t the point.
The point is giving them the absolute best value and results you possibly can… and make them feel good about it.

I nodded. “That’s fine. I guess we’d better go and make a decision.”

Now, let me be clear: it’s not the money that’s giving me pause. It’s the risk to my eyeballs.

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was three years old. Since I started reading, actually, because that’s when my mum realised I was blind as an earthworm on a dark night.

I wear contact lenses, too, but the older I get, the less comfortable they are. And I loathe my glasses. I mean, I loathe them. Big thick ugly milkbottles.

Hey, here’s a game I’ll win: if you wear glasses or contacts, what’s your prescription? Mine will beat yours.

It always makes me laugh when someone tells me they’re blind without their glasses, because I’ll snort and say, “What’s your prescription then?” and they’ll tell me, then they’ll look perplexed as I roll around on the floor laughing.

Then they stop whinging about their crappy eyeballs and commiserate about mine.

Anyway – back to the point. Yesterday, I was at an eye hospital in Birmingham finding out if I could have surgery. I knew I couldn’t have laser surgery – my prescription is too high.

But I wanted to know about lens replacement.

Turns out, I’m too young for lens replacements. But they could do an intra-ocular implanted contact lens.

Only, the surgeon I spoke to doesn’t do those. He doesn’t like “unnecessary foreign objects in the eyes” when glasses are perfectly good. He doesn’t even like contact lenses much.

I was both impressed with him, and pissed off.

Impressed because this is a private hospital and he cares more about doing the right thing (by his mind) than making money.

Pissed off because he displayed a staggering lack of empathy. He calls it “vanity”. It is, to an extent. I hate my face with glasses on it (and what other people think doesn’t matter. What I think does).

But it’s not just vanity. It’s also practicality. I’m a pole dancer and trapeze performer. Glasses aren’t practical. Contact lenses are getting less and less comfortable.

I cannot imagine what it must be like to wake up in the morning and see the world in sparkling clarity. To not have to polish my fucking glasses every five minutes for a clear view. To not have gritty, blurry eyes at the end of a day wearing contact lenses.

So, to me £7,500 is nothing. For that result? It’s nothing. It’ll change my life.

The question is, is it worth the risk? That’s what I have to decide.

So I’m doing a little research. Then a lot of research. And talking to people who’ve had this done.

And if and when I do decide to go for it, I know where I’m going: back to this place. They’re the best according to reviews and quality standards.

My point is this: when people want something desperately, money is no object. Money isn’t the point.

The point is giving them the absolute best value and results you possibly can… and make them feel good about it.

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