Don’t tell me you can’t

Do you know the very first thing I tell my new coachees, students, and clients to do?

Put your prices up.

Don’t ever tell me people won’t pay premium prices and do it happily.

Nobody – you, me, and everyone else you know – is charging as much as they could for their products and services.

And do you know what every one of them says to me when I say that?

“I can’t possibly do that! Nobody will pay those prices!”

“Oh really?” says I, smiling. “Just do it. Put your prices up by at least 10%, and watch what happens.”

There’s usually grumbling.

There’s probably cursing behind my back (that’s okay, I don’t mind, I’ve done similar to my mentors in the past).

And then they do it.

And every single one of them comes back to me and says something along the lines of, “You were right! Nobody batted an eyelid! They’re all happy!”

Hurrah! And then I tell them to do it again. And again. Until they start getting true resistance to their prices.

Then, we come up with a way to add incredible value and create a package people will pay enormous amounts for.

And if you doubt that’s possible, just look at this retreat.

My Superhero Jill sent me this last night.

Christine Hansen, The Sleep Boss, runs it. If you want to attend – if they’ll even accept your application – the fee is £25,000.

And do you know what? I’ve been through that page and if I had that money, I’d drop it on that retreat right now. Because not being able to sleep is torture.

Literally. Torturers use sleep deprivation in their fun and games.

So don’t ever tell me people won’t pay premium prices and do it happily.

They will.

It’s up to you to show them the value.

And if you’re stuck on how to do that, and you’re not sure how you can raise your game – sign up to my daily emails ⬇⬇⬇

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Vicky Fraser

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PS You’ll also notice that Christine Hansen has written a book. Several in fact. I’ll just leave that little fact there…


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