Drifting along like Pooh-Sticks

Do you ever feel like you’re drifting along, bouncing randomly off walls and reacting to bruises?

That’s me in the physical world. I get distracted, and bounce gently off all my furniture while travelling from room to room. 

Stop drifting along and start achieving your goals…

It means it takes me longer to get from A to B (and I end up with random bruises).

But that’s not how I am in business. Not these days.

Time was, I’d want to grow my business. That’d be my goal. Grow my business.

Less feast and famine. More money. Less worry about bills.

So I’d drift from thing to thing, getting distracted by shiny objects and never quite seeing things through.

Until one day I stood up and declared to the world (well, my email list and a roomful of my peers) that I was going to write a book in 90 days dammit!

And do you know what?

I bloody well did.

Because I chose a thing and did it.

I’ve just had two calls with coachees this week in which we’re going to launch an entire new business strand for one chap and a new service for the other – all within the next six months.

That’s the goal, and it’s very motivating.

Here’s why.

When you know where you’re going and why, you can break down the big job and take steps to get there.

Tiny beetle steps, all laid out, one by one.

My guys are excited about getting started, because I’ve given them specific things to do that tie directly into their goals.

And those tasks will lift the rest of their business up with them. Because that’s what action does.

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Vicky Fraser

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