Ep175: How To Avoid Looking Like An Amateur

Joe and I talk about how to avoid looking like an amateur while Joe’s phone goes off amateurishly in the background. Cue a verbal safari about Alanis Morissette and whether that’s ironic. This episode of The Business For Superheroes Show is all about the rookie mistakes writers and business owners can unwittingly commit that make them look like amateurs – and how to avoid them. You hear all about book covers, titles, the difference between typeface and font, layout… and much more.

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Key Points

  • [2:40] How can you look like a professional in everything that you do?
  • [5:10] There is no excuse why your cover photo is poorly designed or crafted.
  • [7:40] If the first impression your readers get is that you’re an amateur, they’ll go elsewhere.
  • [8:45] How much work do you put into your book? Do that work justice by having a nice cover!
  • [13:10] How do you avoid looking like an amateur?
  • [16:10] Vicky shares tips on what you need to be aware of when it comes to typeface / font .
  • [20:40] Having too many typefaces gives people headaches!
  • [27:05] What should you look for in a printing press?
  • [31:00] Breaking Bread mastermind is happening soon! There are still three spaces left.


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