Episode 100: There’s No Business Like Show Business

Welcome to the 100th episode of the podcast! Thank you so much for listening and supporting the show. This week’s episode focuses on how to entertain your customer, not just feed them boring information. People these days are overwhelmed with information, which means the best way you can stand out is by putting on a show for them!

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Key Points

  • [1:25] Happy 100th podcast birthday!
  • [3:30] How can you grab someone’s attention in this busy, busy world?
  • [6:45] Customers want to be entertained.
  • [9:00] You need to excite people as well as inform people!
  • [10:15] Vicky wants to be a drag queen. Wait! She has an explanation.
  • [11:10] There’s too much of everything in the world. People are overwhelmed with information!
  • [14:15] Vicky would write her daily emails to literally nobody. It was just Joe and her mom subscribed to her list, but she kept at it.
  • [17:55] Take a look at some of the shows that are really popular right now.
  • [18:10] How can you make your brand marketing funny, sad, or exciting?
  • [20:45] Darren Ross turns up at trade shows dressed as a superhero. He does well because trade shows are boring!
  • [23:25] So, what can you do to put on a show for your business?
  • [25:50] Eye contact works! You need to use it much more while you’re on stage.
  • [28:00] Take your next marketing piece and entertain your customer. Create a show specifically designed for your audience, and make them feel something.
  • [28:45] Are you struggling to find ideas on how to entertain your audience? Well, Vicky is really good at coming up with ideas like this! You can go to Borrow My Brain if you need some help!


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