Episode 102: How to Look Good in Photos


John Cleary is a professional photographer and has taken my professional headshots a number of times. I never feel comfortable in front of the camera, but I understand why it’s important to have a professional representation of yourself on your website and on your business. This week’s episode dives into what you need to know about getting your own professional shots taken.

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Key Points

  • [0:55] Who is John and what does he do?
  • [1:45] What’s the biggest complaint clients have, especially women, about photographing themselves?
  • [4:00] John doesn’t know why women and young girls are insecure about their own photos. Maybe it’s due to the media and the retouch up of every photo.
  • [4:35] John had a client burst into tears because she was so nervous about having her photos taken. How did he calm her down?
  • [8:55] What makes a good photo?
  • [13:35] What are some of the benefits of having a professional photo taken of you?
  • [15:10] Professional headshots do not need to be boring.
  • [17:45] What tips does John have for people about to go into their first photoshoot?
  • [21:40] Once clients have these great photos, where should they go to use them?
  • [24:35] How can someone choose a great photographer?
  • [28:20] Look for photographers who specialize in personal branding. That specialized eye is really worth it for your business.

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