Episode 104: Focus Like A Laser Beam


Do you struggle with keeping focused? You’re not alone. I also struggle because I get excited about doing ‘all the things’. However, Joe is here to help me! He worked out a process to help me become more focused and to avoid that dreaded shiny object syndrome. On this episode, Joe breaks down his process and asks me (and you!) a series of questions on where your goals and priorities are right now.


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Key Points

  • [0:45] Vicky and Joe find themselves in Cork, Ireland right now!
  • [1:25] Just a heads up, sometimes Vicky is not perfect.
  • [1:45] Vicky has a hard time keeping focused. She just wants to do ‘all the things’ always!
    [3:30] Joe has recently come up with a process to help Vicky stay focused. It might help you as well.
  • [4:15] However, please bear with him as he’s been drinking beer and this is the first time he has had to explain how this process works.
  • [4:40] First things first, what are the goals of Vicky’s business?
  • [5:30] Vicky would like to take 3 months off every year in her business.
  • [7:25] Vicky would love to educate children and show them alternative ways to make money than the standard 9 to 5.
  • [10:15] Joe asks Vicky how she manages her time while she’s doing all these essential things, like marketing and creating products, for her business.
  • [12:15] Vicky has an app that blocks her from using Facebook while she is working.
  • [12:45] What kinds of products and stuff does Vicky generate?
  • [14:40] What kinds of things should you be measuring in your business? Don’t just focus only on the end results. It can distract you from doing the mundane tasks that actually work.
  • [16:30] Is the stuff you’re currently doing taking you closer to your goals?
  • [18:10] Remember, results happen in tiny increments.
  • [19:40] Picture yourself having to explain yourself, and what you do, to your bank manager, your mum, your spouse, and your older yourself (who is ten years older).
  • [22:35] Vicky is excited! She’s about to change systems that will help automate her business more and give her assistant less work to do!

Mentioned in This Episode:




Start With Why, by Simon Sinek

Freedom (App)

Lose the Flab Fast, by Phil Agostino


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