Episode 144: The Niche-O-Matic

I  couldn’t be bothered to open tonic, so Joe and I are drinking neat gin and failing to come up with good episode names for this podcast mini-series. That’s right: this is the start of a podcast mini-series! All about the 7 Quirks of Super-Rich-And-Famous Business Owners. Quirk 1 lands in your ears today, and is all about finding your niche. Which you gotta do, dude. Honestly. Listen to my tale of how I should have done this years ago… and what exciting adventures she’s about to embark on now. (This episode could well make you rich – maybe possibly.)


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Key Points

  • [2:55] Episode 144! Wow. If you’ve listened to all of these, send Vicky an email.
  • [4:30] Vicky has struggled so much with the ‘Niche-O-Matic’.
  • [5:25] Vicky recently discovered why she’s struggled so hard over the years.
  • [6:35] So, what is Vicky’s new niche?
  • [9:10] Why do people need to specialise and find a niche?
  • [11:05] Every year it gets harder and harder to get your respective client’s attention.
  • [13:10] You get paid more when you specialise.
  • [17:00] There will be fewer people doing what you do, which means you will have higher conversion rates.
  • [19:10] Vicky shares some real-world examples of people specialising in their niche!
  • [25:05] Are you struggling in your niche? Come to San Diego!!!
  • [26:00] Any questions? Just email Vicky!


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