Episode 153: How A Dead Italian Dude Can Make You Rich(er)

Want to make more money fast? Of course, you do. So this week, I dragged Neil O’Brien and a dead Italian dude onto the podcast to show you how. Okay, there are no zombies, but Neil shares the secret of how he’s taken the 80/20 principle and used it to give his clients HOOOOOOOOGE profit-boosts. You can do the same, and it’ll only take you around 30 minutes, a stiff gin, and a couple of uncomfortable conversations. A bit like a first date, really. Tune in, and spend the festive period plotting.


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Key Points

  • [1:05] Who is Neil and what does he do?
  • [1:55] How is Neil a consultant for the 80/20 principle?
  • [3:40] Neil explains his business process.
  • [4:05] There’s a lot of emotional attachment towards firing some of your clients.
  • [5:20] How can people get started in this process? Know your numbers!
  • [7:55] What kind of improvements has Neil seen in his clients after they’ve fired some of their clients?
  • [9:35] Look at your gross profit and see how much time goes into each of your clients.
  • [13:40] Just by taking out one sardine (bad client) and replacing it with a whale (high-profit client), you can increase your profits by an extra 40%.
  • [15:05] It can be hard to get rid of your sardines, but it opens you up to allow for more work with your whales.
  • [17:30] What’s the first step someone should take to get started?
  • [21:15] What’s next for Neil?


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