Episode 166: You Ask, We Answer Part III

Joe and I suit up to answer more of your questions about writing and publishing books. Tune in to find out what drives me to do what I do, what to do if you think you’re not expert enough, how to unwaffle your writing, how to juggle your time with paid clients to make room for writing a book, and a funny story about bad reviews.

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Key Points

  • [2:15] Sara has a lot of fear when it comes to writing her own book.
  • [4:20] Finishing your book is only the start!
  • [5:50] Getting bad reviews for your book isn’t really so bad!
  • [7:30] It’s not going to take you years and years to write a book! Vicky wrote hers in 90 days.
  • [9:10] Where does Vicky find her inspiration?
  • [13:30] Sara asks: How do you build authority when you’re new to the industry? Should you just wait till you have more experience?
  • [16:15] The best people in the industry always think they still have something more to learn.
  • [17:20] How do I manage my time when I’m juggling paid work?
  • [21:50] Would you like to Borrow Vicky’s brain? You can! Click here.
  • [22:25] Casey asks: What drives Vicky to do what she does?
  • [24:05] What makes Vicky the most happy during her working week?
  • [27:40] Tune in next week to find out how long your non-fiction should be!

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