Episode 169: Breaking Bread in Portugal with Misty Mozejko

Handsome men in tiny shorts, beaches, and brains – oh my! This week, Vicky drags her sista-from-another-mista onto the show so they can rabbit on about their fourth international Breaking Bread Mastermind. This time it’s happening in Portugal at the end of July, and they’re a little bit excited about it. Tune in to find out what they’ve got in store for you IF you manage to snaffle one of the four remaining spaces…


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Key Points

  • [1:25] Come join Vicky and Misty in Portugal this July 26th-28th!
  • [6:15] What makes this mastermind different from other masterminds?
  • [10:15] What will you be learning at this mastermind?
  • [15:00] Misty shares an example of a prior mastermind student and what they achieved after attending!
  • [18:45] Vicky and Misty don’t just focus on work either! They focus on your whole life!
  • [22:30] What’s included in the ticket price?
  • [26:20] There will only be a max of 8 spots!
  • [31:10] Have you listened to every single episode? Drop Vicky an email!


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