Episode 173: The Questions I Asked

Joe and I talk teeth and cosmic universal alignment rays in the latest episode of The Business For Superheroes Show. There’s a brief argument about grammar and lots of questions. Questions you’ll find helpful if you’re writing a book and trying to make it better. You’ll also find them helpful if you’re making anything new and want it to be good. Tune in to find out what questions I asked my beta readers, and why they’re important.


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Key Points

  • [2:05 Vicky is still going through mouth torture from her braces.
  • [4:35] It gets better!
  • [8:30] How do you extract helpful feedback from your readers?
  • [10:55] Vicky lists the 18 questions she asked her readers.
  • [16:00] Where did the book get boring?
  • [17:30] What was missing from the book?
  • [20:55] Get someone to proofread your questions to your beta readers, because Vicky didn’t. Lesson learned.
  • [21:40] Get your beta readers to inform you when your stuff is repeating in the book.
  • [25:25] For both fiction and non-fiction writers, send people somewhere else, like to a newsletter!
  • [29:50] Are the chapters in the right order?
  • [32:10] The Breaking Bread Mastermind in Portugal is happening soon!


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