Episode 180: Crying Over Moosli

I explain why I was crying about breakfast while Joe looks bewildered. Then there’s an awkward segue into what’s going on at The Dingle, and an even awkwarder segue into how I took myself from overwhelmed and sobbing into my muesli to the most organised zen person in Herefordshire. Tune in and find out what’s changed, and how I’m organising my life and business (and get a sneak preview of my exciting future plans).


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Key Points

  • [2:05] Vicky and Joe are off to the Breaking Bread Mastermind soon!
  • [2:45] Dingle update!
  • [4:25] Joe didn’t die!
  • [6:25] There’s been a lot of renovation frustrations and roadblocks with The Dingle.
  • [9:35] Vicky broke down when she realized she was under unrealistic time pressures she was never going to complete.
  • [10:15] 12 week goals are way too long for Vicky.
  • [12:20] Joe lives in his emails and the disorder frightens Vicky.
  • [13:10] What’s the difference between a bullet journal and a regular journal?
  • [16:20] Vicky feels so much more organized with the bullet journal!
  • [18:00] Vicky shares how she structures the bullet journal.
  • [21:55] Break your goals into mini goals.
  • [23:30] What did Vicky do before she discovered the self-journal?
  • [26:30] Vicky now feels more in control of Project Dingle.
  • [29:20] Despite everything going on right now, Vicky mowed the lawn and feels this is a big accomplishment!
  • [30:55] Remember to celebrate the tiny wins as well as the big wins!
  • [32:45] Vicky will be launching her new book this August!


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