Episode 99: How to Be the Steve McQueen of Your Industry

It’s no secret Steve McQueen was a chauvinist, a very cocky asshat, and even a huge diva. He was such a pain to work with, so why, and how, did he get so famous to the point where everyone just tolerated him? For all of Steve McQueen’s faults, he knew how to do one thing correctly, which was live by his own rules. Let’s find out how you can use this skillset to be the top dog in your industry.    Side note: Please do not be the chauvinist of your industry. That wouldn’t be good.

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Key Points

  • [0:50] As you can see, dear podcast listeners, Joe and Vicky are sitting next to a fire place!
  • [3:00] For those who are watching video, do you think video destroys Joe’s ‘charm’?
  • [5:35] Let’s talk about Steve McQueen. He was a very charismatic man.
  • [8:35] However, Steve was a known adulterer, having slept with most of his leading ladies, and he was married three times.
  • [9:40] How did Steve get to be so famous where he could behave like such an ass on set?
  • [11:45] You know who else was a pain in the ass? Marlon Brando.
  • [13:20] How did Marlon Brando make so much money ($50m of today’s money) when he never even bothered to learn his lines?! In the Godfather, he also refused to wear trousers throughout the entire movie!!! HOW!!!
  • [17:15] If you’re good at what you do, you can make your own rules and no one can do anything about it except obey.
  • [20:20] Really think about what kinds of things you’ll put up with and what kinds of things are acceptable to you.
  • [22:55] Tune in next week for the big 100th episode!
  • [23:35] Also, please join Vicky’s new book club. It may or may not work depending on when you see this.


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