Habitual peopling = winning at biz

How does an extra grand a month sound?

Pretty good, right? 

The successful business owners stick with it. They build habits and show up, consistently

Talking to one of my Superheroes the other day, she told me that’s how much income she’s making from being part of a networking group.

Now, I’m not a networker – it’s just not me. But my Superhero has been part of this group for several years now and she has only ever missed two meetings.

She helps organise events, she runs seminars and gives talks, and she shows up. Consistently. Habitually. Every week.

Unlike many people who go networking, she doesn’t show up clutching business cards, frantically pitching, and spending her whole time looking over the shoulder of the person she’s talking to in case someone more important turns up.

She shows up and gets to know people. Asks them about themselves. Answers their questions if they’re stuck with their websites.

Every. Single. Week.

And, for her, it’s paid off. Not just because she enjoys it (she does, or she wouldn’t go) but in actual cashmoney.

The people she meets remember how helpful and friendly she is. They invest into building a relationship with her, and she keeps it going out of the networking group, too.

Then, sometimes after months or even a year or more, some of those people become her clients – more than a grand’s worth of clients, at that.

It’s effortless to try something once or twice, then give up because it “doesn’t work”, whether that’s networking – meeting real people in person – or email marketing, or direct mail, or writing articles, or going to events, or writing your book.

The successful business owners stick with it. They build habits and show up, consistently. They’re always adding value, building relationships, and improving as they go along.

They don’t give up.

They keep trying, testing, getting better – until they’re making an extra grand a month (and more) and they’re winning new clients and they’re selling more to their old clients and they finish and publish their book.

What habit can you start building today?

And are you willing to show up consistently?

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