Here, take this blindfold…

Look around your industry.

Go online, look on LinkedIn, check out forums, and look around in the real world, too. 

You and I, we’re going to put the fun back in marketing and business.
But to do that, you have to walk away from the herd.

How many people are having fun with their businesses?

And how many people are putting out content their customers truly want to read, and will find helpful?

Very few, I’ll wager. Because when I look around at all the coaches and trainers and marketers hawking their wares to business owners, most of what I see is people being very professional.

Very worthy.

Very dry and dull.

And talking about the things that interest them, not their reader.

Where’s the life?

Where’s the excitement?

Where’s the fun?

Where’s the content that’ll bring them in more sales?

So I’m going to go against the usual advice you’ll snooze your way through everywhere else and suggest this: put a blindfold on. Metaphorical or actual. And come up with a dozen ridiculous ideas about what you could do to market your business.

About what you could write about.

Ideas that’ll be fun and exciting. Ideas that’ll attract attention.

Ideas that’ll help your ideal customer make a decision.

Ignore everything else that’s going on, because it’s all the same old shit.

You’re not the same old shit.

You and I, we’re going to put the fun back in marketing and business.

But to do that, you have to walk away from the herd.

And ignore the background drone.

What’ll get you noticed? What makes you feel a little bit scared and tingly?

How can you answer people’s questions and concerns in such a way that you become the only possible choice when they’re ready to buy?

I’m off to a content planning workshop on Wednesday 26th – want to come?

Here are all the details:—Content-Plan

About the Author

Vicky Fraser

Please do share any articles from this site in part or in full — as long as you leave all links intact, give credit to the author, and include a link to this website and the following bio. Vicky is a gin-quaffing, pole-dancing, trapeze-swinging copywriter who writes about the perils and joys of writing, velociraptor training, and running a small business. She writes this stuff on her websites and She’s the author of one book (with two more in utero) and teaches small business owners how to write copy that sells, and how to be more fecking interesting. You can follow her on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest, and LinkedIn.

PS You’ll come away from this workshop with a structure and a simple action plan, so you can start as soon as you get into your office the next morning.

See you there?—Content-Plan


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