How do I know you’re an expert?

You’re good at what you do? Well, it’s easy to say that.

But what’s the truth?

Now, don’t get your knickers in a twist. 

If you’re ready to write your book, I salute you. And I have your back, with my famous Published in 90 Days course

You might be the best in the world at what you do… but unless all your potential clients believe you’re the best, it doesn’t matter how good you are.

If your inferior competitors are better at marketing than you, they’ll beat you every time.

Not fair, is it?

Someone who’s not as good as you is more successful. That sucks.

It’s also very, very common.

Because it’s not enough just to be great at what you do. You need to make sure everyone knows it and believes it.

And telling people you’re good isn’t good enough. After all, I could tell you something ridiculous like I’m the best knitter in the world… but that doesn’t make it true.

Want to know what’s the single most effective way to establish your expertise?

It’s not endless posts on social media.

It’s not loads of interviews in papers (although that helps).

It’s not blogging.

The easiest and most effective way to pop yourself up on the top of your particular mountain is to write a book.

There’s even a cliché about it: “Oh, X wrote the book on sheep keeping!”

Or “Oh yeah, X wrote the book on email marketing!”

Or, “Oh X? Yep, definitely choose that person. They wrote the book on how to look good in photographs.”


If you’ve written a book about something, you’re automatically THE expert on it.

And that’s not all your book will do for you, either.

If you’re ready to write your book, I salute you. And I have your back, with my famous Published in 90 Days course – and a bundle of new year bonuses that go away tomorrow.

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