How to escape from quicksand

I am stucker than a child in 1980s quicksand.

(Derailment: do you have an unreasonable fear of quicksand after watching 1980s TV shows in which people were in great peril in quicksand? I do. And I found out recently that quicksand peril isn’t really a thing.)  

If you’re stucker than a child in 1980s quicksand click here to read this article…

Back to my stuckness.

So, I’m writing another book. It’s all about how to write a book (meta, eh?) and I’ve just had my manuscript back from Joe, who’s given it a once-over and made lots of suggestions in red pen about how to improve it.

Here’s my problem: I’ve been stuck on a title for approximately 4,986,285 years.

There are many great titles out there, but they’re either all taken or about a totally different subject.

I’ve had everyone and their dog on the case, and have had a bunch of great suggestions, but I’ve had this… block.

Writing titles is bloody difficult.

It’s a bit like writing headlines, only worse, because my book is my baby and I can’t just name it Gretchen and have done with it.

So I wrote an essay. (A good one, not a school one.)

If you ever struggle with writing titles or headlines, go and read my essay over here, because it’s pretty good. It’ll help you with titling anything, even if you’re not writing a book (which you totally should be).

I hope it helps you.

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