“I’m going to Turkey to write a book”

I wanted to write another book.

I published Business For Superheroes in 2015, and it’s done well for me over the years.

It was time for another one. So I decided I’d take myself off to Turkey for a week, on my own, to get it done. 

Turkey was beautiful but I didn’t get much writing done…

Fethiye was beautiful and I wrote the grand total of 2,809 words.

Then I went to the beach.

Failosaurus, right?

Last year, I started another book and wrote a lot more words. Then I abandoned that, too.

Then, in the autumn, I had an epiphany. Imagine the clouds opening, choirs of angels, and the finger of God descending from the heavens to boop me on the nose. It was like that.

I knew my purpose in life: to bring more books into the world. To gently coax, or drag screaming, people’s stories from them and show them how to herd those stories into a book – then how to use that book to grow their businesses.

I already had a book course out there doing well (Published in 90 Days) so why hadn’t I written the book yet?

Good question.

In November, I got on the case. I took myself to Lanzarote for the week with three other writers, and I got it done. I wrote the entire first draft in that week and didn’t go to the beach even once.

(I did drink some disgusting blue sparkling wine. Don’t even ask.)

Anyway, my point is this: I’m hoping to launch my new book in March. It’s all about how to write your book, from start to finish, and my husband tells me it’s pretty damn good.

(You might think he’s biased, but Joe came home one day and told me I looked like a chimney sweep and I should “Dick Van Dyke it up a bit”. Another time he told me I was like a cranefly “all spindly and neurotic and bumping into things”. He wasn’t wrong. My point is, he doesn’t blow smoke up my arse so you can trust his judgement.)

So, if you want to be the first to hear about it, sign up to my emails below ⬇⬇⬇

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