It’s not my problem…

“Oh, somebody else will deal with that.”

“That’s grim, somebody should do something.” 

Your business, like litter and dog poo, is your responsibility.

“Small businesses have a rough deal, it’s really difficult to get ahead. The government should make it easier.”

Yesterday morning, I went out on my first run in months. At 7am. Just a little one to wake me up and kick-start a new healthy habit.

I came back with my hands full of paper cups, squashed beer cans, and bits of plastic.

Then I opened an email from my Superhero Morag, who was talking about the Dog Poo Fairy. You know, the one who comes along and picks up those bags of dog poo you see hanging off branches.

Except, no. Wait. She doesn’t do that, because there is no dog poo fairy.

Morag is starting a little dog-walker revolution and I’m starting a little runner and walker revolution.

This morning I went for my little totter around the village with a plastic bag in my pocket and came back with that full, of bits of rubbish instead.

It’s not somebody else’s problem. It’s your problem. And my problem.

Instead of waiting for someone else to “do something”, let’s just do it ourselves. We all live in this world… what small thing can you do today to make it just a little bit better?

What small thing can you do in your business to make that just a little bit better?

Because your business, like litter and dog poo, is your responsibility.

There’s something immensely freeing and empowering about taking responsibility for stuff even if it’s not your fault. Especially if it’s not your fault.

I’m certainly not suggesting you take responsibility for all your friends’ and family’s problems. But the stuff that affects you, that you can change… change it!

You’ll feel good.

The world will be a better place.

And your business will do better.

You can’t do anything much about rules, regulations, and taxes… but you can do something about the type of customers you do business with, how much you charge, and ultimately how much money you make.

That’s entirely down to you. You do as well as you choose to do – and when you truly understand that, it’s so exciting.

So choose life. Choose great clients, not crap ones. Choose to charge more, not less. Choose to do a great job, not just a good job.

Then show the world.

Start a little revolution in your business right now, today.

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