Like a herd of stampeding teenage bullocks

“They’re cows! Cows are friendly, don’t worry.”

“Just walk calmly, there are no calves. We’ll be fine.”

“Erm, guys…”

We stop. We turn around. The snoozing hunks of beef are no longer snoozing. Instead, we see this…

“Um. I don’t think those are cows. I think they’re young bulls.”

At this point, we start walking back the way we came. On the public footpath, which had no warning signs of angry bullocks at all…

And that brown one in the middle, he was the leader of the pack.

He pranced, he bellowed, and he charged at us. And the rest followed.

At which point most of us ran, and Joe and Berto (mine and Misty’s menfolk) stopped, shouted NO, and held out their hands. They used The Force, and the angry beef halted.

More prancing happened, everyone’s nerve gave out, and we legged it.

Only to see 30-odd massive trampling machines thunder up a hillside, through a barbed-wire fence like it wasn’t there, and away.

How many business masterminds have you ever attended that’ll give you that kind of ludicrous excitement?

Yep, we’re back from Breaking Bread in the UK and it was awesome.

Here’s what just one attendee posted in our Facebook group this morning:

“I can’t thank you all enough for reigniting the fire (knew it was in there somewhere!) and for giving me the direction and conviction I need to keep moving forward.

My very first Mastermind experience with a business coach made me shrink, disengage and feel like clawing my own eyes out. Breaking Bread with Vicky and Misty was challenging but with a group of people all rooting for each other in a fun and friendly environment – my ribs hurt from laughing so much, I got sunburned and nearly died from a violent, blood-splattered cow stampede. Luckily we all lived to tell the tale – I think it’s a great group challenge idea for future Breaking Breads!

Ps. Sorry for the filthy topics in the list game!”

I’m not sure we’re going to add “nearly dying by enraged beef” to the group challenge list, but the rest is true.

It was simply marvellous.

We’re already planning the next one: San Diego in November. We already have two takers.

Not quite ready for it, don’t worry start with my daily emails instead:


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