My butt is purely decorative

Becoming good at anything is basically about building habits.

The habit of practising, of building a skill or muscle or flexibility or the belief you can do whatever it is you want to do.

What goal are you moving towards, and does it still make sense to you?

For about 7,826 years now, I’ve been working on my flexibility so I can do the splits and better backbends. I used to be super-bendy as a child, but then I became a teenager and turned into a total shyt and lost it all.

So now, because I’m far more ancient, it’s haaaaard.

Honestly, if there were an operation I could have to make me able to do the splits and crazy backbends, I’d take it.

My point is, I’ve been building stretching habits. I do three stretch classes a week at the aerial studio, but every other day I’ve been building the habit of stretching for 10 minutes before bed.

Turns out, though, it’s not just stretching you need to do.

My flexibility coach and I discovered I have weak glutes. Which means I have a weak butt. Which means my butt is basically useless and almost entirely decorative.

Stretching alone isn’t enough: you need to build strength, too. Gone are the days of idiot gymnastics teachers forcing you down into the splits and causing tons of damage.

These days, it’s all about active flexibility – because I want to be able to do a flat split while I’m hanging upside down from a trapeze, not only on the floor with gravity’s assistance. To do that, my muscles need to be strong enough to create the shape I want.

I’ve built a habit that’s only half-useful; so I’m having to adapt my stretching habit to incorporate butt-strengthening moves.

(Which, by the way, are excruciating.)

This effort in the (slightly) wrong direction isn’t exclusive to fitness and flexibility, either. It’s possible to work hard in the wrong direction in business, too.

Build your good habits for your business, by all means. Do the work. Get into the practice of writing regular emails, articles, and sending out direct mail. Work on the stuff you need to get better at.

But every now and then, check in with yourself, your mentor, your advisors: are you moving in the right direction?

Are you sure?

Have you wandered off track slightly?

What goal are you moving towards, and does it still make sense to you?

It’s all too easy to keep working hard in the wrong direction, and it’s too easy to keep doing it just because of all the effort you’ve put in.

Rather than fret about time and effort you’ve wasted, change direction fast. Point your effort in the right direction.

Your glutes will thank you for it.

(Or, at least, they will eventually…)

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