No booty shaking or penny squeezing

What’s your idea of a business mastermind?

Is it lots of suits in a room braying loudly about how many seven figures they earned last year? 

What’s your idea of a business mastermind?

Hot, uncomfortable theatres crammed with sweating business owners while famous faces pitch their products at you from the stage?

So much information you feel like your head might explode?

Those masterminds exist. Some of them are very good… they don’t have the braying loudmouths – and the good ones have their place.


They don’t all have to be big rooms full of people. There’s another way to do things. A complimentary way, in some ways.

Breaking Bread isn’t like that.

Misty and I wanted to do something different. Something special. Something that isn’t designed to make us a bazillion dollarrrrrrr or shake our booties at you to squeeze out every last penny.

We wanted to make a mastermind that small business owners could afford. Maybe at a bit of a stretch… but you won’t find any $5,000 price tags here.

Instead, we’re putting a maximum of 8 business owners into a small, intimate venue three minutes from the beach in sunny San Diego, California. And we’d love you to come.

It’ll be aces. It’ll be inspiring. It’ll be like a breath of fresh surf.

But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to Gemma, who came to the UK edition just a few months ago:

“I can’t thank you all enough for reigniting the fire (knew it was in there somewhere!) and for giving me the direction and conviction I need to keep moving forward.

“My very first Mastermind experience with a business coach made me shrink, disengage and feel like clawing my own eyes out. Breaking Bread with Vicky and Misty was challenging but with a group of people all rooting for each other in a fun and friendly environment – my ribs hurt from laughing so much, I got sunburned and nearly died from a violent, blood-splattered cow stampede.

“Luckily we all lived to tell the tale – I think it’s a great group challenge idea for future Breaking Breads!

“Ps. Sorry for the filthy topics in the list game!”

I cannot promise you a violent, blood-spattered cow stampede (in fact, we’re actively avoiding that one this time round) but I can promise you an unforgettable, life-changing weekend…

If you dare 🙂

Join us here, there are a couple of spaces left:

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