No such thing as “writer’s block”

It’s time for Truthy Thursday (yes it’s a thing).

There is no such thing as writer’s block

Today’s truth: there is no such thing as writer’s block, so you just need to get on with it. Okay, that’s a little harsh – it’s much easier said than done to “just get on with it”.

So today’s truth is accompanied by a top tip from my new book (due to be launched in September hurrah!)

If you’re facing The Blank Page Of Doom, don’t give up. Don’t just sit there and wait for inspiration to strike; it won’t. You’ll die of boredom or old age before that happens.

The longer you leave the Blank Page Of Doom blank, the more doomy it becomes.

So today, I’m giving you the tools to undoom yourself.

It’s a little exercise I like to call “Writers Write”.

The Writers Write Exercise

I learned this exercise from one of my mentors, Jon McCulloch—and he tells me he got it from a chap called Steve Manning. It’s a splendid activity. Have a go.

Get a timer and set it for five minutes.

  1. Get a piece of paper and a pen (or a blank document on your computer). Write down these three words: flamingo, cheese, pyjamas.
  2. Pick one of those three words as the first word you write. It must be the first word of the first sentence you write.
  3. Start your timer and begin writing. Write as fast as you can and don’t stop to edit. Write anything that comes into your head.
  4. The other two words must appear at least once in your first paragraph.
  5. Write for the whole five minutes. Don’t stop to think. Don’t stop to edit. Don’t stop, full stop.
  6. When the timer stops, look at what you’ve written. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how high quality it is.

If you’re stuck on a blog post or an article or a chapter of your book, and you can’t get started, try this exercise with keywords from your topic.

You will almost certainly need to throw away the first paragraph or two, but you betcha boots you’ll end up with something useful.

Fix the typos later; they don’t matter.

And that, my fine feathered friend, is one way to beat The Blank Page Of Doom.

Give it a go. Let me know how you get on.

And don’t let me catch you using “writer’s block” as an excuse to not write anymore, m’kay?

You can do this.

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