Notes In the Margin

Every weekday, I write about something important to me:

  • On Mondays I share a writing prompt — but not just any “meh” writing prompt. These will challenge your assumptions or beliefs, or get you thinking about things more deeply or from a different angle, or will simply be fun.
  • On Tuesdays I share an article about writing nonfiction books, or publishing, or editing — the craft itself.
  • The rest of the week, I share snippets — notes in the margin — including great writing I’ve read recently, my book of the week, my word of the week, amazing stuff other people are creating (if you’d like to be featured, tell me what you’re working on!), a picture from my week, or just my thoughts on something that’s on my mind.

I promise you’ll enjoy it and it’ll stoke your passion for writing words that move people.

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