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Duuuuuuuuuude, if you weren’t on my Get Shizzle Done webinar yesterday, you missed a treat.

I had a blast and got great feedback — and some brilliant follow-up questions from those who attended. Which I answered during the webinar. 

Duuuuuuuuuude, if you weren’t on my Get Shizzle Done webinar yesterday, you missed a treat. But you can still buy a copy of my book, here.

I’ve decided, because folks found it so helpful, I’m going to make it available on my website from next week (when I’m back from a speaking and teaching gig in Canada baby).

In the meantime, though, my Superheroes have full access to it – and me – now.

So if you want answers to questions like:

  • How do I deal with the “just don’t want to do it” days – when you just can’t get yourself going?
  • My issue as you know are the rugrats I always seem to be running out of time on things….I can’t wake up any earlier then I am currently. What can I do?
  • With my personal goal (to lose weight), I just don’t have that emotionally compelling vision and the short term biscuit or chocolate is too alluring…. Tried breaking it down into one day at a time but still struggling with that one. Also it does still feel like an add on and not my priority atm. What can I do to make it matter to me?
  • How would you deal with a client who is constantly pinging over small requests / amendments etc (copywriting) – as he thinks of them – so it’s a daily thing. Even if I don’t deal with them in real time, I find it distracting and it takes up mental space…
  • I use a passion planner right now which works well, and is similar BUT it has the whole year. trying to implement 12 week year and not sure if it’s worth moving to self journal…
  • If there are tasks on your daily 12 week year list that you don’t get done, do you roll them over to the next day?

As well as my take on how to deal with perpetual overwhelm, exhaustion, pressure, and general frazzledness, you’ll want to tune in.

I do not have all the answers. Nobody does. But I can show you what’s working for me and help you get your shit together.

The whole presentation went down pretty well – here’s what my attendees had to say:

  • From Super Sue: “hahah white girl rap!! love it” (you’ll have to tune in if you want to hear me being excruciating)
  • From Kim the Amazing A-List Copywriter: “This was really great! thank you” (swoon!)
  • From Lisa: “awesome job!!” (thanks doll!)
  • From Abby Pops: “Great presentation by the way, really helpful. Thank you” (you are most welcome)
  • From Super Louise: “Hi – the writing everything down thing really works, i started that recently and i’ve been re assessing my day. been more productive and put all the ‘small jobs’ to one side and do in a chunk. great stuff Vicky!”
  • From Super Sue: “thank you so much I’ve got to go and prep for dinner so I have time in the evening to sort out my life!! love you xx” (love you too you fecking fabulous woman)
  • From Bren: “Thanks Vicky! This is helpful on a personal and work level.  Shall we start a splits group?” (Hell yes)
  • From Chris: “Thanks Vicky – very useful and lots to think about….the ‘overwhelm’ resonates with me!” (Let’s fix that overwhelm shall we? Less thinking, more DOING, mister!)
  • From Crazy Jane: “thanks Vicky, it has been super helpful. I want to join your super heroes and dress up in Spandex 😜 Where do I get the self help Journal? and come do pole in my Burlesque Show! I know you can do Sexy 😂” (Yes on all counts — sexy clown coming up)
  • From Carin: “thanks Vicky- the overwhelm resonates with me too – I’ll start by revisiting my vision & emotionally compelling why & writing everything down … the planner looks good, will order it. think my main issue is too many goals so got to focus in on what’s important.” (Yep, we’re all in the same boat)
  • From Super Tanya: “Thanks Vicky – good stuff as always!” (you are most welcome)

Thank you for the brilliant follow up questions — it gave us a nice little bonus learning.

So — stay tuned in and next week I’ll post up the link where you can register for the replay.

In the meantime though, if you just can’t wait,  buy a copy of my book:

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