Put some bass in your walk [new podcast]

“Sort your face out!” he hissed, nudging me.

I blinked and attempted to rearrange my features into something more socially acceptable. 

Because every feeling I have leaves my brain, flutters around my head for a while, then settles onto my face like a drunken cranefly.

Which means the person I’m talking to knows exactly what I think of what they’re saying.

Which is not always A Good Thing.

So I practise schooling my face.

Because an awful lot of what we communicate doesn’t come out via our tongues. It comes out via our faces, our gestures, our posture, and our movements.

In this week’s podcast, Joe and I are supping gin and talking about body language. In it, we natter about:

  • Why everyone should do a pole dancing or burlesque or stripper workshop – it’s got nothing to do with sexytimes and everything to do with body confidence
  • Why slouching is submissive and how it damages your credibility with clients and peers
  • The secret to enthusiasm: let your whole body talk (why gestures are important, and how to use them effectively)
  • How to make someone feel like the most important person in the room with one subtle, simple body movement
  • The Golden Eye Contact Ratio: how much is too much, and why is eye contact so important?

Find out all this – and more – in this week’s episode of The Business For Superheroes Show.

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