The best hummus in the west

“Hi! Mr and Mrs Fraser? Would you like a welcome glass of perry or apple juice?”

Well, there’s lovely. 

What could you do for your customers and clients to surprise and delight them every time they buy from you?

Here’s a little masterclass in how to surprise and delight your customers so they come back as often as possible – and tell all their friends.

Joe called a local-ish restaurant – the Dunkerton Cider Mill – and booked us in for Sunday lunch yesterday.

From the moment we arrived, we were totally blown away.

A complimentary welcome drink, stunning surroundings (a converted brick and timber barn in the golden Herefordshire countryside), and the friendliest owner.

Then it got really cool – from my point of view, anyway – because he brought out two menus. One for Joe, and a vegetarian menu for me – with loads of delicious-sounding choices.

For once, I didn’t feel like the ugly stepchild, shoved in a corner, and made to feel awkward.

They’d done something no other restaurant has ever done for us: when Joe called to book, they asked if either of us had any dietary requirements. Joe told them I was vegetarian – so they made a note, and made sure I was as happy as everyone else.

It’s a small gesture, but I was delighted.

All before we’d eaten a morsel.

And when the food did arrive… boy oh boy. I haven’t eaten food that good in a restaurant for years. Nor had Joe.

The owner answered all our questions, chatted away to us when we weren’t eating, and disappeared when we were. Nobody waited until we’d just taken a mouthful of food, then barged up and asked “how’s everything?”

They assumed – rightly – that if there was a problem we’d call them over. And kept an eye from a distance so if the disgust-face came out they’d be able to spring into action.

There was a story behind everything.

Like the coffee: beans from Burundi, roasted in Ledbury – just down the road – and freshly ground in the kitchens.

That’s how to do service.

What could you do for your customers and clients to surprise and delight them every time they buy from you?

What could you do to stand out?

Tell me what you do that makes you different… or if you can’t think of anything, sign up to my daily emails for a dose of inspiration and advice:


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