The Butterfly Effect – and how to apply it to your marketing

Butterfly made of light

Make one small change to your marketing, see a big difference for your business

Let’s start with something so simple you’ll wonder how much difference it can really make.


It just takes a small shift in perspective but it will transform your business. It will mean people not only read, but act on your marketing.

Are you ready? Here it is…

You are not your customer.

Your marketing is not about you. It’s about the people whose money you want.

Here’s one of those unvarnished truths I was telling you about: nobody cares about your business and product except you. And possibly your mum.

Like everyone else on this planet, the thing people are most interested in is themselves.

So let me ask you this, and I need you to be honest with yourself. If you’d never heard of your company and the only thing you knew about it was from your website and marketing material, would you buy from you? Really?

Now look at the conversion figures you’re getting from your website or adverts.

You may have an amazing product (or service) – I hope you have, because if you haven’t I can’t help you – but if your marketing doesn’t show your customers how you can solve their problems, you’re stuffed.

How much do you talk about yourself on your website? How much do you talk about your customer?

I promised you a quick tip yesterday, one that will improve your copy fast.

Count up the number of times the word “we”, “our” or “I” appears in your piece of copy. Now count up the number of times the word “you” or “your” appears.

How many “we”s are there? I bet there are hardly any “you”s. My mentor Peter Thomson calls this “weeing all over your marketing” and it’s true in more ways than one…

As a general helpful rule, there should be three times as many “you”s as “we”s in your copy.

Of course, like all ‘rules’, this isn’t true all the time. Sometimes you’ll want to tell a story about yourself, and that’s fine. We’ll talk about focusing on yourself another time.

But for now, if you’re writing about your product or service, make sure the focus is on your customer, not you.

So here’s what I’d like you to do: go to the home page of your website and look at it as a stranger. Be brutal. Would it appeal to someone with a problem you can solve?

Now rewrite it. Try not to use the personal pronouns at all. Use only “you”. Your initial attempts may be a little clumsy, but you’ll end up with something much more useful than you had before.

Don’t worry too much about the flow at this point – just take the focus off yourself.

Put the focus on your customer and their problem. Then show them how you can solve it. That’s all they care about. And remember: it doesn’t matter if you like your marketing or not. It only matters if your marketing gets people to buy your product.

Speaking of your customers, do you know how they are? Who is your ideal customer? The person most likely to buy your product again and again, and tell everyone else about it too? Chances are, you haven’t thought about this terribly deeply, and that’s natural.

It’s natural to focus on your product or service and think about how to get it out there to your customers. Unfortunately, it’s ass-backwards, too. What you need to do is come at it from the opposite direction. Who’s your customer? What’s their problem? What’s their motivation? Then you can show them why your product is right for them.

In my book Business For Superheroes I show you how to create a detailed picture of your ideal customer. Buy your copy of my book here, if you haven’t already ordered it.

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