The No1 reason your homepage is repellent

Loud squawking.

Very, very loud squawking. 

You, my fine feathered friend, need to be More Chicken.

Followed by flapping and having a chicken land in your sammiches.

The thing about chickens is, they don’t beat around the bush.

They don’t stand quietly, bockling a little bit, shifting their feet, and mumbling amongst themselves about what it is they want.

Chickens pile in and tell you.

In fact, they shout it into your face. From on top of your sammiches.

You, my fine feathered friend, need to be More Chicken.

Because your website, I fear, is doing the equivalent of shuffling its feet and mumbling.

It has no clear message.

But don’t despair, because you’re not alone. And the best news of all is, I can help you fix it with three very simple questions, right now.

And the even better news is, once you’ve fixed it with these three questions, your website will be so much clearer and easier to read, navigate, and buy from, your competitors will be left mumbling to themselves and wondering what the blazes happened.

Here’s what you need to do. Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes and ask yourself these three simple questions:

  1. What’s your offer?
  2. How will it make my life better?
  3. How can I buy it?

The number of websites I see, where I’m sort of wandering around, baffled — because I’m honestly not sure what the offer is.

You might sell a bunch of stuff, and that’s cool.

But your homepage needs to be as clear as Scarlett Johannson’s beautiful complexion about what your main offer to me is.

What will you do for me? How will it improve my life? How can I buy it?

I know it’s Sunday, but spend a few minutes scribbling some notes.

Get super clear about what you’re offering, how it’s great, and how your visitor can grab it.

And if you want a little more help with website copywriting, my book Business For Superheroes is a pretty good place to start.

You can get your mitts on a copy here:

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