The pathetic pink people pleaser [new podcast]

The house creaked. Or was it my back?

Probably my back. 

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I’d been sitting there for quite some time, and I think actually I was turning into one of those Easter Island heads – only in a sad modern hunched-over-at-my-desk way.

I stretched. Creaked again. And got the shock of my life when I looked at the clock: 4:20am.

What the actual fuck?

Never had I regretted more answering the phone to a client at 7pm.

See, me being up and still working at 4:20am was all because of that damn client.

Only, of course it wasn’t.

It was my own stupid fault.

I’d answered the phone and agreed to put out someone else’s fire, because I was a pathetic pink people pleaser.

(I’m now reformed. Mostly.)

Next day, when I’d staggered through the morning, I sat down and wrote some new rules for my business.

Which is what this week’s podcast is all about.

Joe and I ran out of tonic, so we’re on the white wine – and ranting about rules. Specifically, why we’re all overgrown toddlers who crave rules and boundaries.

Want to run a business you actually enjoy, with clients you actually like?

Then you’d better start setting some rules – and sticking to them. Or people will make up their own rules and stomp all over you.

Tune in to find out what I mean when I talk about “rules” – and how they can make your life and business not just more enjoyable, but more profitable, too.

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